Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy holidays!

Happy holidays!

A very merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all my blog's readers <3 Hopefully you stick around, I should have lots of interesting doll things to show the next year. But meanwhile enjoy the holidays and eat all the chocolate you can. I know what I'll be doing - I'll be stuck in the worlds of Dragon Age: Inquisition and Pokémon Omega Ruby xD


- E and dolls

Sunday, December 7, 2014

An old couple

I asked in Facebook what doll(s) should I photograph today - and got Meital and Kaamos as a result. So here we go, my oldest couple and their current looks. Of course they have changed and developed along the years, but the basics are still there. A tall grumpy demon and something very sweet and innocent which makes his heart melt, although he would never admit it. But we know it, don't we? ;)

Bambi eyes

There are several photos so they are behind a cut.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


Marva (Pipos Ringo) arrived some time ago, and isn't she just the cutest little mint-coloured kitty I've ever seen.

Minty kitty II

Minty kitty IV

These were taken the very same day she arrived, at our neighbourhood forest. She came with her default stuff sans that big ribbon (I need to make her one!) in a very pretty box. Pipos' stuff is very high quality, and her resin colour is awesome.

Meow meow

And here she's all ready <3 I gave her some extra Soom silicone eyes I had lying around, some new clothing and made her a small "bag". The heart is needlefelted, then decorated with some bling and stuff. She definitely inspires me to create more...and sadly I think she's also asking for a friend. Luckily this violet version of Ringo is sold out :P

Sunday, November 16, 2014

The moon goddess

Hecate has a new dress for the winter season. This is basically just a rectangle of green and gold fancy jersey fabric, but I did sew decorations and stuff for months when I had some extra time. So everything is hand-sewn...yep, I know. Inspiration came from Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau in general <3 Love those long simple flowy dresses. The materials are mostly sequins and a big moon charm which came from a broken (cheap Chinese) necklace.

Malachite and gold

Malachite and gold II

Malachite and gold III

Just in case someone wonders how she stands so bravely...there is a saddle-shaped doll stand hidden behind her hems xP I couldn't leave her to stand on her own - Epidia's claw hands have the most delicate fingers that need extra protection. Actually I switch to her regular Supergem female hands when she's not in photos, just because I'm very neurotic. I've broken well enough SD-sized hands to know when to be careful!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pukifee knitted dresses

Finally this pattern works and looks good - I have no idea why it's always so hard for me to create knitting patterns xD Maybe because it involves counting and stuff...anyway. Here's a couple I've finished:

PKF knitted dress - mint

PKF knitted dress - pink

Kiku is a good model as always. And she looks awesome in brown hair too! Fairyland's tan is such an easy shade, everything looks good with it. I think I'll just keep a stack of random wigs for her since everything works. At least something is easy in this hobby <3

p.s. I'll soon have another little doll in the house to wear these dresses! I've bought a Pipos Ringo in mint resin colour <3

(Photo from Pipos.)

So here's my first anthro BJD, and of course in a pastel shade. I'm very happy to give her a good home: she comes second hand and was looking for a home for a while. I have no big plans for her, except that I want a pair of Oscardoll's eyes for her.

(In Finnish: suomalaiset, voisin järjestää tuonne pienimuotoisen yhteistilauksen kunhan saisivat englanninkieliset sivunsa kuntoon ja tuonne jotain tilailtavaakin ^^; Jos on jotain intressejä silmiä kohtaan jo nyt niin voipi ilmoittaa. Tilaan kuitenkin vasta kun sivut ovat kunnossa, enkä tietenkään tiedä milloin näin käy xD)

p.p.s. I've been cleaning this blog a little bit: removing entries where photos were broken thanks to Flickr's hiccup and other stuff that's outdated. I'm trying to improve this blog in the future with longer entries and better large photos :)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Scent of winter

I almost sold Tirlittan at one point, but here she is still *3* She's a cute doll with her enormous head - she just doesn't sparkle and inspire like my Bluefairy girls, but there's still some certain charm that keeps her here.

Scent of winter

Scent of winter II

The props in these photos are actually Christmas ornaments from Stockmann (a large department store). I've usually bought something from their Christmas section every year for my dolls - I don't really care about decorating our home, but I surely can decorate my dolls xP

It's already smelling like the winter here, we even got some snow yesterday, eep! Time to make something warm for poor Tirl and her bare arms.

p.s. The necessary Etsy promotion: some new tiny hats! Knitting from thin mohair is quite fun :3

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spontaneous doll purchases...

...good or bad, I don't know xD


Anyway, this is Halina, AngelRegion's limited Natural Tanning Ren (originally a LE of 30). An old doll with plenty of previous owners, but still in pretty good condition. I've reserved a faceup slot for her - I want a softer look since Ren has quite sharp features - and bought her new eyes from Makoeyes. Her wig is a keeper, I think.

Oh, I remember back in 2006 when I pondered between Ami and Ren as my first BJD. I apparently chose Ami, but now I got Ren too and I'm happy <3 Her tan is really nice, light and latte-coloured, and there is certain charm in her sharp face. Now all that's left is to get her ready! Apart from new makeup, she needs a style with trinkets and bling, as usual.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Star rompers

Kiku's new rompers ♥

Good Sunday! I did a small craft trade with Choupicouture - I made hats and got these super cute rompers for Kiku <3 Isn't she adorable or what?

(She's also apparently pastel-haired again, well whoops...pastels just go so well with tanned skin. Let's see if this one is a keeper or if I shall return it to my Monster High girl. It's an older Dollheart wig that my old Pukifee Ante wore once.)

Saturday, August 30, 2014


Bear mates

Pukipuki and PF Sugar


A friend was kind enough to let me borrow her Pukipuki Kasidee (Literally meaning 8D in Finnish xP) for a commission / trade <3 So here are some Pukipuki-sized hats and a very happy model. Pukipukis are so cute, maybe one would fit in here as well...but I'd want a tan one. Fairyland's WS seems to turn greenish, and I don't want NS.

May your day be as happy as Kasidee's! 8D

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Summer cocoa

Summer cocoa

I'm currently in a state of doll recession, I guess, as the dolls aren't really inspiring me at the moment :/ The heatwave is taking its toll on me, my job started and it's been rough, and I'm suffering from post-Asia depression of sorts and just want to go back xP I've been in this before, so I know what to do - don't sell dolls and just do something, no matter how small. Like post some photos online. The better times will come, they always have!

I did however some doll things on my summer holiday: attended some gatherings, made some small crafts here and there, updated my Etsy and visited Volks' showroom in Japan. Too bad you cannot bring spray cans on the plane, otherwise I could have brought lots of MSC ;_;

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Back home

Whew, I'm back from our trip! It was hot as woah, exhausting, magnificient, strange and fun. I am not sure if I have the energy to write about it, but I do have plenty of travel photos in my Instagram:

(I will keep updating it with the rest of the pictures, I have quite a lot!)

And now to get used to being home and get back to doll business...

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Carrier pigeon's new tool

Nothing drastic, but a messenger bag for Hilde has been on my shopping list for a while. I got her a cute rabbit one, of course:

Pigeon girl

Pigeon girl II

Pigeon girl III

Pigeon girl IV

She's yellowing quite badly, but that's just how it goes with WS, I guess. Oh well, I still find her adorable and she's still my favourite Teenie Gem sculpt.

(Heh, I read that some people find it annoying if you call your dolls cute and lovely while presenting their photos xP Okay, I'm guilty, but if I'm to invest thousands of euros into these dolls, of course they better be the cutest and the loveliest things I've ever seen. And they are!)

OT: We're leaving on Monday to Seoul, so excited <3

Saturday, July 5, 2014

In a pink yukata

To celebrate our summer vacation, we went to a long walk and picnic today with my husband. The weather was so nice and sunny that I dragged a doll along, of course:

Pink yukata I

Pink yukata II

Pink yukata III

Pink yukata IV

My Bluefairies love to steal the spotlight these days ;3 Can't help it, Idris is so cute in her new yukata. It's from Infinite Love, and I must admit I really drool over their fancier kimonos as well.

I hope to be able to purchase a yukata for myself from Japan, so we may match! <3

p.s. Sorry about similar poses, it's not easy to pose her with those Soom feet, especially outdoors!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Enjoy the silence?

Wow, BJD circles are really quiet these days :< Our Finnish forum is very slow, and even the Facebook community seems to suffer from the same disease. And when it comes to me, I can't say I've been the most productive doll person either, far from it. My operation went well, but it did take time to heal properly and all my energies have gone to make it through my job despite aches and such. Hopefully I will get to do doll things on my summer vacation, although the majority of it will be spent travelling.

Speaking of travelling, I thought to blog about our trip here as I currently have no other blogs. I'm sure nobody minds photos of Korea and Japan, right? I may pack a little doll to come along as our mascot, as I'm sure we will encounter lots of fantastic photography spots. So excited!

Let's keep the party rolling <3


The first lady

The first lady

As I don't like blog entries without pictures, here are two shots of Meital in her new dress from Asano. Not 100% sure if it is her style, but at least it's frilly as woah. She might need some new wigs, her old ones are getting worn out :(

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Comparison and promotion

My tiny tanned pair

While shooting hat photos for Etsy, I took quickly this shot of my two tanned tinies. Aesthetically they're from different worlds, but I don't really care as they are both very cute in their own way. Bluefairy's tan is lighter, not so reddish and I think I like it more, but Pukifee's posing kicks butt. Luckily you don't have to choose, you can just buy both ;3

Oh, and I listed three new Pukifee hats on my Etsy. Ta-dah!

And now to hunt for some ice cream. I went through a mouth operation this week, so I've been a small sick leave since then. I've spent it well by watching Korean dramas and knitting for dolls. Can't say it was the best experience of my life, but at least I have doctor's order to eat ice cream as much as I desire xD

Friday, June 13, 2014

A small cocoa bean

Oh look what the cat dragged in...wait, we don't have a cat.

Meet Kiku!


Back in the Pukifee camp, it seems. This little cutie is a tan Pukifee Luna which I got from our Finnish doll marketplace for a very good deal <3 I named her Kiku which means "chrystanthemum" in Japanese. It was also the name of my husband's and my very first server, how nostalgic!

Gosh I've missed owning a Pukifee - their posing is just so good compared to all the other similar dolls I've owned. My white-skinned ones had yellowing issues, but this tan should handle it better. It's also a very pretty shade, milk coffee with a hint of red. Shhh, I might want a tan buddy to Kiku in the future...


Speaking of Pukifees, I'm preparing something for them on Etsy as well <3 I will post about it here when I get them ready, photographed and listed - that's always a task of its own.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Now in Blythe size as well!

Just a quick announcement / promotion this time:

Blythe sized, yay!

I tried making my hats for Blythes as well, and here's the second try. It's for sale in my Etsy, Sinisade will get to keep the first try which is a wee bit too small. Well, Blythe heads are very interesting in shape, large and oval, so I'm not surprised that the first one failed a little bit.

(I need to make a good introduction post about Sinisade, I know :D Here she is anyway in a pretty Licca dress. She's a fun and cute doll <3 )

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hanami 2014

Roihuvuori's annual Hanami party was held the last Sunday, and I attended with some dolly friends and Asia nerds. It was quite the success - the weather was nice and sunny, and the trees still had some blossoms in them. In fact the weather was a bit too good to my liking, I left early because it was so hot and I'm allergic to birches. It was quite crowded too, and I spotted many cute yukatas and lolitas <3

Cherry blossoms again

Cherry trees

Black bunnies

Cute doll jewelry made by my friend Gwen! Of course I had to snatch some, because I'm a sucker for this stuff :D

Pastel-y pair

And her equally cute and adorable dolls. There was a time when I really wanted to own Minoruworld's Leila (these days she's a Bluefairy girl!), and looking at this picture...but oh no. I don't really need to own all possible BJDs, right? She's still so very to my liking, so be still, my heart.

Tiny yukatas

My little participants. They don't have proper obis or getas since I ran out of time and just couldn't find reasonably-priced little getas for them - I just found Azone's stuff. It's very good quality and I try not be a cheapskate, but 32 euros for a pair of tiny shoes...ehm. Anyone have tips where to get bit cheaper Blythe-sized geta shoes?

I have no excuse for the lack of nice cotton obis though. Darn, an obi is basically just a long rectangle of fabric, how it was so hard to make them? xP I guess I was just lazy this time.

The yukatas are some cheap Japanese fashion doll stuff that I shortened and tidied. There were threads everywhere, some stitches just came loose and they had the lousiest obis with cheap velcro ever. Oh well, they were cheap and the print is nice anyway.

Overall it was a fun day, and it's always nice to meet fellow dolly people <3

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Japanese feeling

Cherry blossoms I

Some time ago me, Xaya and another friend joined forces and went together to shoot dolls in Roihuvuori's Japanese-style garden. I've visited the cherry park before to celebrate Hanami and will likely attend this year as well if the weather is nice. The garden was very nice, even if the weather wasn't really our friend - it was quite chilly and rainy :/ Luckily we did manage to get some photos before it started to rain:

Spirit of the well

A pretty fence

Girl with antlers

Two shy forest dwellers

That lovely troll boy is a friend's Bluefairy boy who made friends with Idris. They are two shy forest creatures after all.

Afterwards we were so cold and thirsty that we drove to a nearby shopping centre for refreshments:

A sweet treat

Hot coffee and this delicious thing - a white chocolate cake filled with raspberries and sour cream. I'm not a big fan of overly sweet treats, but I'm a sucker for sour things mixed with sweetness. This tasted just as good as it looked.

Cherry blossoms II

And on my way home I spotted such nice cherry blossoms in our neighbourhood. The trees back in Roihuvuori were still blossoming, but this tree was blooming already really prettily. Too bad that it was behind a fence, so I didn't dare to try and put a doll up there. Oh well, it's not likely that the branches would have held a MSD anyway....

It was a good day and definitely inspired me to try to have more photography adventures in the future. I live in an area where we have lots of different cool places anyway <3

Hopefully the next post will be about the actual Hanami party!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring knittings in pastels

I recently finished a bigger commission where I was asked to knit three hats in various sizes (1/4, 1/6, tiny). The commissioner chose the colour schemes from my yarns and I picked the decorations:

Turquoise for MSDs

Mint green for tinies

Pink for YO-SDs


Pink for MSDs

I did one extra as well as I had lots of time on my Easter holiday. This was sold on my Etsy quite fast <3

Those rose beads are my current favourite, I bought them from Ebay along with lots of other beads. These days I buy almost all my beads and jewelry-making supplies from there as Chinese sellers offer them very cheap and the selection is massive.


And as I had a setup ready, I snapped two extra photos of dear Shua as well:


Bit more casual

Her hoodie is by Xaya and those awesome gradient leggings are from Kawaiimon. These kind of clothes don't really hide the fact that Bluefairy heads are huge, but I don't care, she's still awesome. She has the most casual style of my MSD girls, of course done with pastels. Fairy kei is a huge inspiration, but I'm trying to keep it cool and together. I don't know what her style really is, maybe it's just Fair Children? xP