Sunday, January 29, 2012

It is here!

A proper Finnish winter it is! There's a ton of snow (my commute trips have been long and interesting) and it's also fairly cold even here. I had great plans to go outside today, but then I looked at the thermometer and decided that actually our balcony is just fine :B


I like winter

Aegis is the one with most winter gear so he got the honour to be my photography victim today. I think his new dorky hat from Angell-studio fits him very well <3 We've come a long way together, haven't we? It's funny to think that I've owned him since 2006 and never even thought of selling him. I don't think I could be without him, the other two key BJDs are Meital and Uncle K.


Luckily my dress is warm

I purchased some knitting patterns from Myfairydolly on Etsy, and here's one almost ready for Enne. It wasn't very hard to make, the only problems I had were with reading knitting abbravations in English xD The next project shall be a similar dress for Unni, luckily I got some nifty sock yarns from my mom this X-mas. Whee!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

All kinds of crafty projects

I made myself a little promise to update my blog every week even if it feels I haven't done anything special and epic. I would love to (well, as "epic" as my dorky doll characters go) but alas, I still haven't got any great ideas how to continue my story projects. So their winter hiatus shall continue until I come up with new ideas and how to turn them into the form of a BJD photo story. That isn't always so simple ^^;

But meanwhile I've played with the smaller ones and done some craft projects:

Harem pants

I was commissioned to create a pair of harem pants for Soom Little Gem boy, ice/winter/cold theme. I wanted something similar that Soom does but with my own style, and I am personally quite happy how these turned out. And so was the buyer <3

The sugar twins

And a pair of dresses for the sugar twins, similar materials and the same pattern but yet slightly different. The sets should have small beaded necklaces as well, but I need to find smaller locks to use :3

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Double the trouble

Well, whoops

Well, whoops

Yep, I think I mentioned something about giving Griselda a here she is! A friend kindly sold me her Kissing Minimay who became Gretel, Gris' twin sister. They're both very precious, although I yet have no definite idea what to do with these two. I've been toying with the thought of making them little mice girls with ears and tails <3 Something fairytale-like and cute, of course!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sleepy here

Squint squint

Griselda got her own wig from Geniever of DOA <3 It seems that Pukipuki wigs work well with her. She's so small, squinty and cute! And, uhh...yeah. She will get a sister soon ;) I love my big dolls dearly but there is just this something these little ones...


And I know this is supposed to be my doll blog and these are definitely not dolls, but I just have to share our new pets, four curious and cute fancy mice girls.


Here they are taking a nap in their carrying box while their terrarium is being cleaned. From left to right:

  • Fröja, Himalayan, the oldest and the most reserved and shy. She came first, and I was afraid she would boss around the newcomers...oh bah. Agata and Brynja both teased her, and she is still very aware around them and may run and hide, but things are getting slowly slightly better. We had to temporarily remove all nests and climbing ropes from them since they kept chasing poor Fröja from them :( But things are luckily improving, and they are getting along better. Fröja likes to build very fine nests <3
  • Agata, black, Brynja's sister. Well, she's the boss already, small but very gutsy, lively, curious and very brave. Okay, until I appear, then she runs in her hiding place very fast xD She's still very young and especially fond of hopping around like a small kangaroo. She doesn't enjoy so much sleeping with the others.
  • Brynja, white, Agata's sister. Most of the times I have no idea what is going on in this mouse's head. She has no patience at all, but everything is interesting! She's fast, the most curious, little ADHD case. And her nest-building skills suck so much xD Usually she just digs a hole, causing an awful noise and chaos (today she buried their seed cup), runs around and then chases to her sister's side for a warm nap. Maybe she'll grow brains when she grows up? Unfortunately Brynja also tries to boss the others if given a chance, but luckily Agata is very quick at putting Brynja to her place.
  • Gudrun, beige. She's about the age of Agata and Brynja but is already much more calm, relaxed and self-confident. She's quick to calm down, make a nest and sleep there - and she gets along with everyone. But when she gets mad, she's very able to show it and to chase even Agata away. I think she has an excellent mouse personality :-3
Even though they are uh, quite the bunch and have given me lots to worry about, I'm still totally smitten by these four <3 Sorry for blabbering so much!