Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pukifee knitted dresses

Finally this pattern works and looks good - I have no idea why it's always so hard for me to create knitting patterns xD Maybe because it involves counting and stuff...anyway. Here's a couple I've finished:

PKF knitted dress - mint

PKF knitted dress - pink

Kiku is a good model as always. And she looks awesome in brown hair too! Fairyland's tan is such an easy shade, everything looks good with it. I think I'll just keep a stack of random wigs for her since everything works. At least something is easy in this hobby <3

p.s. I'll soon have another little doll in the house to wear these dresses! I've bought a Pipos Ringo in mint resin colour <3

(Photo from Pipos.)

So here's my first anthro BJD, and of course in a pastel shade. I'm very happy to give her a good home: she comes second hand and was looking for a home for a while. I have no big plans for her, except that I want a pair of Oscardoll's eyes for her.

(In Finnish: suomalaiset, voisin järjestää tuonne pienimuotoisen yhteistilauksen kunhan saisivat englanninkieliset sivunsa kuntoon ja tuonne jotain tilailtavaakin ^^; Jos on jotain intressejä silmiä kohtaan jo nyt niin voipi ilmoittaa. Tilaan kuitenkin vasta kun sivut ovat kunnossa, enkä tietenkään tiedä milloin näin käy xD)

p.p.s. I've been cleaning this blog a little bit: removing entries where photos were broken thanks to Flickr's hiccup and other stuff that's outdated. I'm trying to improve this blog in the future with longer entries and better large photos :)

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