Thursday, September 17, 2015

My sweet lovebirds

I shot my oldest doll couple today to showcase their current look ^^ Can't believe they've been here since 2007! A lot has happened, but they still inspire me a lot with their very special relationship. So here goes, Kaamos and Meital in 2015, celebrating their 8th anniversary: (Although their characters are immortal beings so they've been together a very long time...)

Eternal sweethearts I

I just randomly found this wig from my wig box ^^; It's an older Leekeworld green. Although I'm not sure if this is a permanent hairdo, I quite like it - and it helps to hide the way his monocle is attached :D

Eternal sweethearts II

Eternal sweethearts III

Eternal sweethearts IV

Eternal sweethearts V

Ah, they're still very sweet after all the years ^^ <3

Friday, September 11, 2015

The best stress relief

Whew, real life has been quite tiring recently - I've been sick, there has been lots of other stress as well and the news are filled with sad things. Let's say I used to work with refugees when I was younger, and I still remember some of their very sad stories :(

But luckily there is always a way to cheer up a doll hobbyist - a big package from Asia :D

Kotori I

She's Alter's 1:7 Minami Kotori, my favourite of the Love Live girls because of her sweet appearance and personality <3 (And she does a heck of a job by sewing ALL their fancy costumes all alone, haha, yeah right...) I immedentially fell in love with this figure when I saw it, the design is just me, I guess xD Frills, bright colours, birds, lolita influence and hey, turquoise and gold! So even though she was tad expensive, I just had to preorder her from Amiami.

Kotori II

Kotori III

Kotori IV

Kotori V

Kotori VI

She's full of detail, and her expression makes me so happy <3 Go go Kotori!