Thursday, October 29, 2015

Autumn redhead

I took Amita outside today, thinking I could take some pretty autumn photos. Well, it wasn't that easy - the moist autumn air made my eyeglasses quite steamy so it was pretty hard to see properly. I had to delete so many photos just because the focus was on everything else than where it should have been ^^; (I use manual film camera lenses with adapters so no choice but to focus manually, haha.)

Luckily I did take a lot of pictures so I got at least something to show. And Amita is a patient and pretty model:

Autumn redhead 1

Autumn redhead 2

Autumn redhead 3

I finally finished her sweater too - it took quite a while because of the very small gauge. I made some braids in the sleeves, and they were actually really simple to do. I think I'll start making them more often now :3 I'm still planning to decorate this once the ribbons I ordered online arrive home. It definitely needs beads, lace and ribbon embroidery ^3^

I also ordered new parts from Little Monica to replace some of Amita's most yellowed parts. Luckily the worst yellowing is in her torso and hands, and LM sells them as separate parts, yay. This was also a good opportunity to upgrade her into a smaller breast size. Haha, there is nothing wrong with large breasts but maybe these old ones are bit too big for her body and character in general...

Some sanding and blushing ahead, then, once they arrive. Woop!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Winter princess

I took some more photos of Meital today, as I changed her into some warmer clothes for the winter <3

Winter princess

Winter princess 2

Winter princess 3

Winter princess 4

Winter princess 5

Winter princess 6

And the household kitty, Mr. Paw! She loves all cats, even those who just happen to be nightmare demons xD


Speaking of nightmare demon cats, I really like these funny cyclop kitties that were recently posted <3

Photo from the maker

Adorable, no? :D Unfortunately I just have no funds to participate in this pre-order, but if they make another round next year, you bet I will be there! I want one for Meital - I think she'll start collecting all kinds of strange cats. I already have a name for one - (s)he would of course be Mulko as mulkoilla means "to glare" in Finnish :P

Ah, they're so cute...wish they didn't make all these cute dolls when I'm rather broke, boo :(

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Spooky Halloween Monster tag or something

I spotted Xaya doing this fun Halloween-themed doll meme and thought I could follow her lead :D

Miniature Grumpy Cat

Bunny in the library III

Werewolf – How has the hobby “transformed” you?
A lot. More than I dare to admit :P I used to be very lonely and sad, but this hobby gave me wonderful friends and lots of confidence - and made me realize that I actually am not shy at all at heart. I just cannot relax unless it's people whom I trust with nerdy interests :P
I also had 0% crafting skills before I started this hobby. Everything I now know of sewing, crafting and knitting, I've learned through doll hobby.

Vampire – The dreaded sun! How do you feel about and cope with yellowing, or more generally the aging of these dolls?
I have many older dolls and yes, they've yellowed, some more than others. Well, it happens. I am not going to store my dolls in a sun-proof cabinet anyway xP When the yellowing gets too bad, I think I'll just re-buy some dolls in some "fresher" forms. And with some dolls you don't really see it - my oldest BJDs from 2006 look just fine to my eye ^^

Frankenstein’s Monster – Have you ever modded a doll? Tell us about it! If you could magically try any mod without fear of failure, what would you like to try?
I haven't, I don't really do such things apart from small body blushing and stuff. I'd mod my Epidia head to have wrinkles and her body looking more mature and aged. Some fat and stretch marks, yep. Her character is an older lady, a mother of three kids - it bothers me that's she so young-looking and thin. Dammit, I want a mature, respected lady :D

Zombie – Have you ever caught the Marketplace virus?? Name some unplanned purchases that jumped out and “infected” you?
Ahem, I have :D I've bought quite many dolls just because they were cute and a good deal. My Angelregion Ren was totally such a purchase, I bought her only because she was cheap and has lots of nostalgic value :P

Skeleton – What’s your favorite body sculpt? Forget heads!
Sadol's smaller girl body and Spiritdoll's Proud body are my favourites of my dolls. I also like SQLab's girl bodies but I don't own one...yet. Hehe.

Witch – Name some dolls that are magical! Seeing them on your dashboard inspires you! Can be general sculpts or specific dolls owned by talented friends.
Erm, so many *_* But I do love it when I spot well-presented Bluefairies, especially Pocketfairies!

Ghost – The one that got away. Do any limited or rare dolls “haunt” you to this day?
Hum, not really. I already own my "grails" :D (Bluefairy's WS May Valentine + tan Pocketfairy Didi).

Freddy Krueger – What is your worst doll nightmare? Has it happened or not?
Hum, maybe losing a doll very hard to get, like my Feeple 70cm body? No, it hasn't happened, thank gods.

Jason Voorhees – If you were gonna make Halloween costumes for your dolls (or if you plan to!) what costumes would you make?
I don't doll characters are supernatural beings after all, so they don't really wear costumes. Some kigurumis would be fun though - if I could, I'd make a dragon kigurumi to Apsu, my Soom Lami ^3^

Chucky (possessed doll) – Have you ever been scared of dolls or a certain doll? Be honest!
Well maybe it's a good thing I don't watch horror movies, because no, not really. I do find some dolls, especially those old porcelain ones, creepy, but nothing really scares me.

I tag everyone with a doll blog who haven't done this one yet! Go wild!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Small boleros

I've been making small boleros for my Bluefairy PF Didi twins, so I took some quick shots:

Little boleros

Warmly pink

Warmly pink 2

Little My?

I used 1.5mm needles and these Chinese yarns again. They're excellent for doll knitting, by the way, cheap and last forever. I've made a SD-sized sweater out of one skein :D If there only were more colours...

Have a happy autumn, everyone!