Monday, September 26, 2011

Monsters, monsters, so bizarre

Even though mine are not monsters but sylphs...

Haura, finished

Haura, finished

I finished her outfit today, go me! Everything is sewn by hand. Her corset is fully lined, I totally ruined the first version by using wrong kinds of fabrics which just would not turn without ripping. Oh well, the second try is much better even though it's still bulky, I guess you just won't get anything better in this size. Lagoona's shoes work surprisingly well with her, yes?

And where did I get Lagoona's shoes? Oh well...

A second victim!

"Whoops." She'll get repainted, naturally, and especially since she has a factory flaw in her makeup anyway. I might keep her hair as I like it, I'll just have to come up with a perfect hairdo. She'll become Fishfish, Haura's strange girlfriend who just gushes all the time rather than speaking.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Needles have sung

Circus hat

I of course forgot to photograph the pile of knitted hats I made for Ldoll, but here's one sample of some of the new designs. I love all things striped and circus-themed as I'm quite sure you've already noticed ;3

Mocha and lace

And I finished Idris' first outfit, consisting of a corset top and lace skirt. I think I've found her colour scheme, it's creamy and quite natural. Yay!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A fragile rose

A fragile rose

Project Haura advances, I chopped her hair away with scissors - damn, it was relaxing, no wonder kids always hack away their Barbies' hair. Don't worry, I replaced it with a wig I randomly found from Ebay. I think it needs some crazy decorations such as huge butterflies or birds, like those wigs from rococo France. Maybe her outfits should follow that theme, even if sewings those garments in that size should be at least interesting.

p.s. Pieni loppukaneetti suomeksi: jos joku bongaa Monster High - sarjan Spectraa tai Abbeyta täällä myynnissä niin kertokoon heti! Nykyisistä tytöistä ainoastaan Lagoona enää kutkuttelee ja saatanpa ostaakin sen ensi palkkapäivänä kun on vähän kalliimpi, mutta Spectra ja Abbey on pakko saada ;3; Hiton addiktoivia nukkeja...

Sunday, September 11, 2011





Something pretty arrived here! She's Idris, Soom's loveable Adamelli and the first of my second pair of twin MSDs. Her brother, Sindri, has been fully paid as well.

She needs a restringing and thicker elastics, the ones that Soom used are so thin. Maybe some sueding to her knees while we're at it? Faceup? A proper outfit instead of things I just dug up and tossed all over her? A background story? This may take a while, but luckily she is very pretty even now.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Haura (MH Ghoulia)



So it seems I've also fallen for Monster High dolls as I just had to pick up Ghoulia yesterday. Their body shape and hands are just adorable! They remind me of faeries / sylphs, so I wanted to turn Ghoulia into a dream faerie. Her name is Haura. I'm still thinking if I should switch her hair for a wig (I have no patience to reroot anything). And she needs a proper outfit, her current one is just some random fabric scraps put together.

I kinda want more now, oh well - luckily these are not as expensive as BJDs AND I can get them from the supermarket nearby :P

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The beginning of autumn


Oh, it's September. Goodbye, summer, it's time for my favourite season. Loving all the crispy colours and the fresh smells <3

In the dolly front, little revamps here and there. Aegis recieved a new faceup from one of my eternal faves, Jesmo, and is looking almost too cute. He matches very well with his sister now, I should continue their story once my second set of MSD twins arrive. Speaking of them, I should get the first one home soon and just paid the second one. Thank you, Soom, or curse you...

Along with re-vamped Aegis, I got my big man home as well. He has some scarwork done and is looking so fabulous now *3* I should get my hands dirty and him restrung so I could take photos...