Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The little additions - or should I say addictions...

Merry belated X-mas and happy new year to all my readers! I was supposed to take some cute X-mas-themed photos but then I ran out of time, energy and inspiration. But instead have some repentive photos of Griselda (Didi) and Sauerkraut the bunny:


Gris and Sauer II


Gris and Sauer


Poor Gris had to deal with my Pukifee outfits, she needs some own stuff. I've purchased her a blonde mohair wig but I'm still debating with her style. I know she isn't a pastel girl, so maybe some mori/ethnic influences, earthy hues, natural materials...

Fortunately for Bluefairy,but very unfortunately for my poor bank account, I still think about Pocketfairy May, so Griselda may get a sister one day - especially if they release another white-skinned (PF) May with the sugar body. It's so cute how much Didi looks like miniature version of their bigger May Valentine, by the way! Works for me since May is my favourite Bluefairy sculpt *3*

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Small things and woes

Hello, Mr. Totoro

Little white bunny

If only we had some snow and light here...the weather has been so sucky recently. Gloomy, wet, no snow, just rain and darkness. Artificial light has been most uninspiring, so instead of playing with dolls I have played Elder Scroll: Skyrim and planned our new pet mice I will pick up after Christmas :-3 The big dolls have recieved little to no attention, and my BJD stories are waiting for new fresher ideas and inspiration. Calm before the storm, I hope?

But luckily I'm not the kind of hobbyist who goes desperate in situations like this. I still love my dolls dearly and am making small plans for them all the time. And Bluefairy has shipped my Didi who will hopefully arrive just in time for Christmas <3

The little white bunny is Tamdoll's ball-jointed animal doll that I bought through Strapya, by the way. It's probably not technically a "proper" BJD since it lacks changeable eyes and stuff, but I think it's very adorable. I named him Sauerkraut and even gave him a character. You'll hopefully be seeing him around!

p.s. I got hooked on Tumblr quite badly. I post lots of dolly/miniature things there - and just generally things I find inspiring. So if you are ever bored of my blabberings and just wish to look at pretty pictures, head there!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter thoughts

Snow, finally!

As this photo of Halla kindly points out, even Southern Finland got some snow this week \o/ Surely it's not much and it's wet and cold, but it is at least something. Halla has some new gear, a lovely headdress from Jesmo and a fur keep I made. Cutting fake fur was definitely not fun, but the result is quite fine, I think. I probably should start a hunt for thinner fur fabrics and sew some more accessories. No worries, fake fur only ;)

Christmas is apparently also approaching. I will spend my (short, boohoo) holidays at my folks', and I'm hoping that I have some time to snap dolly photos too. I have a little victim ready too ;3

I hope everyone's having a nice winter!