Friday, February 21, 2014

A deer owl, I guess?

I managed to photograph Pio's winter gear when we still have some snow, yay <3 She's a doll that I always photograph outdoors, because indoor shots just don't suit her:

A deer owlet, I guess?


Her headwear is made by my friend Illves who sells them in Etsy as well :3 Pio's character is a sparrow owl, but I guess magical forest spirits can wear almost whatever they like. She's (he's? it's?) such a fun little doll, one of my favourites.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

How I change / place BJD hands

iPhone quality but yep. It's so very important to always "stop" the elastic with some thin object when you restring in case you lose your grip - you don't want a s-hook in your eye :B I usually use a pen, a chopstick or in this case, a large crochet hook. After placing the stopper I use pliers to add the s-hook and then I place the hand, using pliers to keep the s-hook stable. I always use my pliers when placing the hooks and pulling them. Easy-peasy!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's share the cake, shall we?

Let's share that cake

Happy Valentine's Day to all my blog readers! Actually we call it "a friend's day" in Finland so I went with that theme. Gris and Gert are each other's best friends despite occasional drama especially when it comes to sharing food. Well, that's sisterly love for you I guess? The miniatures are from Re-ment.

Remember to eat lots of chocolate today <3

p.s. I updated my Etsy store a little bit with two new hats, going with an earthy brownish theme this time. I'm trying to seriously reduce my yarn stack, my yarn box is seriously overflowing...and yet I bought some new yarns from Tallinn again. Can't help an addiction, I guess xP

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Roses for the tiny dragon

I recently finished yet another craft project: a new dress for my little Lami, Apsu.

Roses for the tiny dragon

The pattern was simple, but this still took a while because of all the embroidery. The symbol is called "the dragon's eye" - I picked it because it was easy to create and Apsu's character is a half-dragon. I used this tutorial to decorate the bodice, it's one of my favourites.

The tiny dragon

Apsu's new Mehiart eyes, pink like her aunt's! (Meital) She has some scale pattern around her eyes too. I should glue some eyelashes on...


Behind the scenes

And a shot "behind the scenes" :D We have a small apartment so there simply is no room for a permanent doll studio - so I use a foldable reflector, stool and some boards I looted from a previous job. They go nicely behind our bookshelf when not in use. A good tripod is also very useful! This setup is easy to build where there is most daylight available and to store afterwards. I wouldn't mind having a permanent setup but it's not possible right now. Maybe in the future when we have a bigger home?