Friday, May 23, 2014

Hanami 2014

Roihuvuori's annual Hanami party was held the last Sunday, and I attended with some dolly friends and Asia nerds. It was quite the success - the weather was nice and sunny, and the trees still had some blossoms in them. In fact the weather was a bit too good to my liking, I left early because it was so hot and I'm allergic to birches. It was quite crowded too, and I spotted many cute yukatas and lolitas <3

Cherry blossoms again

Cherry trees

Black bunnies

Cute doll jewelry made by my friend Gwen! Of course I had to snatch some, because I'm a sucker for this stuff :D

Pastel-y pair

And her equally cute and adorable dolls. There was a time when I really wanted to own Minoruworld's Leila (these days she's a Bluefairy girl!), and looking at this picture...but oh no. I don't really need to own all possible BJDs, right? She's still so very to my liking, so be still, my heart.

Tiny yukatas

My little participants. They don't have proper obis or getas since I ran out of time and just couldn't find reasonably-priced little getas for them - I just found Azone's stuff. It's very good quality and I try not be a cheapskate, but 32 euros for a pair of tiny shoes...ehm. Anyone have tips where to get bit cheaper Blythe-sized geta shoes?

I have no excuse for the lack of nice cotton obis though. Darn, an obi is basically just a long rectangle of fabric, how it was so hard to make them? xP I guess I was just lazy this time.

The yukatas are some cheap Japanese fashion doll stuff that I shortened and tidied. There were threads everywhere, some stitches just came loose and they had the lousiest obis with cheap velcro ever. Oh well, they were cheap and the print is nice anyway.

Overall it was a fun day, and it's always nice to meet fellow dolly people <3


  1. kaikki sun nuket ovat uskomattoman kauniita! ja kuvat ihania. sait uuden lukijan!

    1. Oi, kiva kuulla, kiitos oikein paljon! <3