Sunday, March 29, 2015

Azones - the official introductions

Yay, I finally got my two Azone girls "ready" - where I love the stock versions, of course, I like to play with my dolls to make them look like my own ;P So here we go, Maite and Shiri! I even made them a silly background story just because <3

Maite, the magical girl

Strike a pose

(Uh oh, I need to show scissors to her bangs...)


Maite, a pastel lover and a magical girl who battles monsters representing mental illnesses. Shy, fragile, but has an immense power in her heart. When she is off-duty, she collects cute stuff and eats lots of cake. I want to sew her a sparkly outfit and build her a weapon and a mascot, hehe. (Yep, I love magical girls!)

Miniature pastel goth

Shiri to the rescue

And Shiri, Maite's girlfriend, manager and a PR person. Sly, lazy and sarcastic. When she's outside, she wears pastel goth stuff - but when she's home, she hangs in her underwear and fills her room with stuff about cute girls. Well, deep inside she does love Maite more than anything, even though it's hard for her to show it.

Selfie time!

Shiri's a bad Instagram addict. I had to buy her a miniature phone just to photograph her shooting stuff xP

Hopefully you're not bored of Azones yet :D I know they are not everyone's cup of tea, but I'm addicted - and yep, I have even two more coming (Tick Tick Rabbit Himeno + Purimyure Yousei Kyoukai Lipu). I do have BJD stuff planned too - I'm planning to bring a camera and a doll with me to my parents' hometown for Easter holidays. Hopefully the weather will be okay! *knocks on wood*

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chocolate children

Yay, I got two of my tanned smaller dolls back from a makeup artist <3 These were done by shibya, and yet again I'm so very happy with her skills. They both look awesome!


First off is my tanned Angelregion Ren, Hal. Whoops, a funny thing happened and he changed gender from a girl to a boy/something. Hehe, well, Angelregion heads are unisex and he just looks more like a boy to me now.

He does not have a boy body though, I admit :P Angelregion's tan dolls are limited editions, old and rare, and I'm not even sure if Angelregion is in the BJD business anymore. So hunting down a tan boy body would be very difficult, and I don't want to mod this girl body as it's so rare. Luckily old Bluefairy/Angelregion girl bodies are not the most feminine ones out there, so I'm sure he'll pass well enough as a boy. I'm not going to photograph him naked anyway, I just don't do that with my smaller dolls. And hey, seriously speaking, what does it matter what's between his legs if he has the soul of a boy, really?

Chocolate child

And here's Kiku (Pukifee Luna) with a new neutral, more natural face :3 It doesn't maybe suit her star eyes so well, but I ordered her some new sparkly acrylic eyes from Fel World in Taobao. My first Taobao purchase, exciting! We'll see how this goes, seems like a dangerous road xD


I attended a small meetup of local Azone /doll collectors the last weekend - no photos from me, sadly. I didn't bring my Canon along as I was lazy, and my iPhone is practically useless in such bad lightning :< But you can look at Sherimi's photos for example! I had a merry time, the people were really nice, and I got some dolls for my wishlist xD; Yes, I need a Picconeemo, and yes, an Azone with XS body...graaah. Addicting stuff :B Thank gods my BJD wishlist is very small right now!



"Yay, new hands!"

I'm quite addicted to Instagram these days (bit too much even, sorry! xD;). So if you want to see lots of doll photos, I can be found at :) See you there, maybe?

(Shiri wanted to show off her cool new hands - love that yay sign!)

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The first Azone girls arrived

Yay, they're both here - Chiika hit the customs but that was expected and all ransoms kindly paid ^^ I quickly dug through my boxes to get 'em something to wear and took photos today to introduce my new girls.


Maite II

This is Maite, Princess Chiika. I chopped off her default hair because I plan to re-wig her and needed to check the best size. So she'll temporarily wear this extra one I have, poor thing. Luckily Dollwig promised to ship her new shiny lavender hair very soon *3* (If you're curious, I think their 4 - 4.5 is a good size for Azones! It's bit tight so it takes some wiggling, pulling and squishing her poor vinyl head, but it stays on really well.)

She'll be a fairy kei girl with tons of pastel, nothing surprising there I guess...xP


Shiri II

And Shiri, who I bought nude and secondhand from Ebay. She's "Chersire Cat Aika" (I know! But Azone spelled it like that on her box xD). I don't yet know her style, but I'm thinking of something pastel goth-inspired. Her silver hair would look cool with black and purple, no? <3


Ah, they're so cute! And they're apparently planning to invite some friends and relatives over xD; Sly little things...


P.S. Now look at what Re-ment is releasing:

Sailor Moon Re-ments! Argh, one of my guilty pleasures...I need some. At least Usagi's and Chibi-Usa's sets. Let's cross fingers and hope they'll be available in Ebay after the official release and with reasonable prices. I don't really need the whole package. Or do I?

P.P.S. I have no idea why the image quality is so bad in this post, sorry :< Blogger and Flickr are not friends today, it seems.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Caught in the animu craze xD

After looking at cute Azone photos enough in Instagram and such, I finally decided to cave in and order myself some anime-faced cuteness. Well, uh, I maybe went a little bit overboard, butbutbut...hehe. The first girl arrived today, so I took a quick shot of her:

Magical Rou

Well, she's not Azone apparently, but Petite P-Chan from Parabox / Obitsu. A good starter doll as she's bit cheaper, probably because she comes wigless and without clothes. She's on Obitsu 25 cm body with small bust and in "white skin" (which really isn't white if you ask me xD). She's a cutie, love Obitsu's hands! Although I must admit she's about the only Obitsu face that I like ^^; Yeah, I'm picky...

I named her Rou and got her a cheap-ish starter wig from Ebay because her head is bit larger than I expected. Her wig size is probably 4.5 - 5 inches, and that's a difficult size to find. Luckily there is always Dollwig, I'm just waiting for them to put up a perfect wig for her ^^ (None of the currently listed ones really clicked...) The wig on the photo is an older wig from them and too small, it stays on with a prayer xP

Darn, she also invited some Azone friends over :B I sold some of my unnecessary BJD stuff (thanks to nice buyers!) so I got some extra doll funds - and you know where this is going xP

(Pictures from Azone because both girls are still on the way.)

My first purchase, Classic Alice Chesire Cat Aika (smile version)! Damn Azone has long names. I bought her mostly because I found a seller who listed some nude Azone dolls, and amongst them she was my favourite. I do like Azone outfits, but I plan to customize my own so I don't really need their stock outfits.

And the second girl, EX Cute Princess Chiika. Chiika is my favourite Azone face sculpt, so I was happy to find her with reasonable price through Amiami :) I plan to change her hair though to look more Kinoko Juice Chiika - loved that release but the aftermarket prices were bit too much xP

Yay anime dolls! And all the cute Re-ments and other things I can buy for them!