Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mint chocolate's my favourite

I finished a small amigurumi bear for my dolls yesterday:

Mint chocolate bear

Mint chocolate bear

The pattern is from here, easy to follow and very simple. I wanted a mint chocolate theme. The yarn is from Estonia, I had to stock it up because it's just the perfect shade, and I want to knit more mint stuff for the dolls. I purchased a bunny pattern too from a different seller (I cannot crochet without patterns at all, I don't know why it's so hard :D), so it will be my next project. Please also notice Unni's new great hair from Formydoll. I love their vintage green!

Ehm, nothing new grand here. My Gravity from Aria arrived, but I had to order a new head for him right away. Awesome sculpt, yeah, but the head is t-i-n-y. It's MSD-sized, only the face is longer. I might be able to live with that, but his character is supposed to be Niko's brother, and Niko is CP's Dreaming Shiwoo...yep, those two just don't work together, and there is no way they'll look anyway related xD Actually none of my SD-sized dolls look like they'd be in scale with him :B Luckily I found another head which is larger and should work with his body, so we'll see, we'll see...

Sometimes I wish I didn't care about doll backgrounds, stories and characters so much xD Oh well, live and learn!

On Thursday I visited Estonia's craft stores again and came back with stuff. We'll visit them again in few weeks. I'm planning to purchase tons of lace that time, this time I mostly bought sequins and embroidery threads. And lace, of course, but not as much.

But where to get time and inspiration to actually do something with all the stuff I buy? :D

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two of a kind

I did some doll photography with my girlfriend Illves this morning, and here's my share of photos! The dolls are my Meital and her Jericho

Two of a kind

Two of a kind II

Two of a kind IV

Two of a kind V

Two of a kind VI

Two of a kind VII

Yep, their relationship used to be rather complicated and full of strange emotions. They didn't have a proper relationship - Jericho would secretly love and worship Meital, and Meital being a simple and innocent girl just didn't realize it and considered Jerri her best friend. But then all kinds of things happened, Jericho found his true love from a surprising direction and these days these two are just best friends, two of a kind. Despite their different looks, they are very much the same, two innocent and fluffheaded angels <3

Hope you liked the photos!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday's sunlight

Always together

My two big girls


As I had to dig out some photography equipment anyway to take some off-topic photos, I decided to snap some pics of my big dolls. Meital is my favourite model, she never fails to look amazingly pretty

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sugarfairys and pasteldust

Sugar and pastel II

Sugar and pastel VI

Sugar and pastel V

Here are some snaps from my latest photoshoot with my Pocketfairy twins, since Gretel (Minimay) finally recieved her proper eyes and wig. Their theme is not surprisingly pastel colours, apparently. I've been very inspired by dreamy kei style lately so I think they'll get accessories and clothes following that style. You can already spot some of my Little Twin Stars Re-ments there, and I spotted some more LTS stuff in H&M's kids' department so...