Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blue and cute

Blue and cute 1

Blue and cute 2

Blue and cute 3

Blue and cute 4

I made Kiku a new dress and a hat to match her current colour scheme of blue and turquoise :3 That's why I love tan skin so much - it looks so nice with bright pastel colours. She's such a fun little doll, always ready to inspire no matter what. So happy I bought her <3

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Summer's remnants

Back to the normal schedule here - the vacation is over and I'm back working again. I also started my studies in the open university, studying family research and (hopefully) early childhood education. So I have lots to do on weekdays and unfortunately much less doll play time :< But such is the life of an adult, I suppose :P

But I finally managed to resize and upload this small photoshoot I took of Bibi, my Sarang, during the very last days of my vacation. I purchased her a pair of bunny ears just because my other Tinyfairy girls are animals as well - Shua is a fox and Idris is a qilin. She makes rather lovely and sweet rabbit spirit, I think <3

Summer's remnants 1

Summer's remnants 2

Summer's remnants 3

Summer's remnants 4

Summer's remnants 5

Special feet parts would be so cute on her as well - maybe I'll get lucky and find her Soom's Mylo/Teschen rabbit paws one day! <3

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Greetings from Uppsala!

A good time to post some vacation photos as it's the last day of my summer holiday now xD; Well, I am not all too sad as I was getting bit bored. Apparently I get lots more done when I have some structure in my daily life. When I have none, I tend to just surf online and look at stuff and get nothing done at...

Anyway, here are a few photos I took of Tove and surroundings when we were visiting Uppsala in Sweden. Uppsala seemed like a nice town, too bad the weather was HOT. About 30+ degrees and a cloudless sky ^^; Nothing compared to Japan, I'm sure, but still...I'm no big fan of heat and sun. This chilly and rainy Finnish summer is just fine!


Tove in front of Uppsala's Cathedral which seemed like the main tourist attraction of the town.



I didn't really feel like pulling a doll out inside, especially as there was a mass going on ^^; I don't follow any religion but still it was such a beautiful and calm place with superb architecture. I especially loved all stained glass windows <3


The other attraction was Uppsala's Botanical Garden. Not the best place in the crazy heat, but I did take a photo of some water lilies.


And we were so cranky and hungry that it was time to sit down and have some ice coffee and cinnamon rolls xD They were probably the best I've tasted. Victory, yay!

It really wasn't the best day to photograph everything, but luckily at least Tove looks happy ^_^