Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh sweet Estonia


I visited Tallinn yesterday with Xaya and our spouses. Our idea was to check out their local craft stores, and oh boy, oh boy *_* Well, the photo tells it all. The selection was superb, and the prices were great, so I bought a ton of stuff, especially mohair yarn skeins :3 The fabrics were not much cheaper than in Finland, but everything else, especially laces, beads, muscles still hurt from dragging all that back home, but so worth of it! Can you maybe spot what's my favourite colour these days? ;)

Yeah, it's mint green. We're already planning the next trip since I ran out of space and couldn't concentrate on their laces very well. And now just need to think what to do with all this stuff!

Jos joku kaipailee neuvoja miten noihin aarreaittoihin pääsee Tallinnassa niin kysellä saa :) Kävelymatkan päässä keskustasta löytyy Tarton maantien varrelta kolme isoa kauppaa, joista etenkin Karnalüks on melkoinen paikka.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Demonista aktiviteettia koko rahalla! (A Finnish photostory)

Hey my Finnish readers, this post is only for you ;3


Story photo VII

Sain pitkästä aikaa vähän nukkestooria tehtyä, jee. Sitä voi käydä lukemassa joko Hartsilapsien foorumilla tai Livejournalissa :3 No, eipä siinä kai sen kummempia!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Double the little trouble

I invited some dolly friends today to do crafts together, eat sweets and gossip ^^ We had a fun time, and jesmo brought along some of her tinies which go very well with mine ;3

Double the trouble

Our Strawberry Didis <3

Hello, sis

And my Enne and her Nene who is a Pukifee Bonnie. They are sisters, that's why their names rhyme. You can spot Enne's new pretty wig from Dollheart (it wasn't easy to find a perfect mint green wig in her size!) and a duck from Luts. Quack!

I managed to finish a pair of horrible knitted socks for Niko and hope to be able to shoot some kind of a story tomorrow xD; It's been a while, and I've missed story-making so's hoping all goes well.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Miss Sparkles

Miss Sparkles

Finally new Monster High dolls here in Finland <3 Okay, not exactly "new" but new to us! I don't love these dolls so much that I'd buy them off Ebay for high prices, but when they come to local toy stores...well, you can guess what has happened ;) I skipped Spectra since she was quite expensive and I'm not 100% sure about her rather horse-like facemold (sorry Spectra fans!), but here's my Gloom Beach Abbey. She's one sparkly girl, love her hands and glittering blue skin.

I'm not sure what I want to do with her. Beforehand I've customized my MHs but there is something about Abbey that she might just as well stay in her stock form. Unless I get some grand idea...

Yay Monster High!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Girl with hooves


Girl with hooves

Idris is finally ready, phew, this took a while! I asked the Finnish face-up-artist varjostin to do my Soomlings' faceups for the first time, and she did an excellent job. She has a great style which goes very well with my taste in dolls, so I think you'll see more of her work with my dolls in the future ;)

Kivi's head works very well with Idris, since I think she's very a gentle and happy girl even though her life's quite difficult and lonely. I don't know what exactly she is, she has Leeke's fox ears and horse hooves, so ummm...some sort of magical dream ponything, maybe? xD; Her twin brother Sindri (I call him 'Adanor' since he's Adamelli head + Nor body) is also faceupped, but the poor boy has no clothes and I'm not sure about his eyes...we'll see.