Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Serious little summer

Always so serious


Wisps of hair

I took Unni outside for a spontaneous, sunny photoshoot around the neighbourhood. I've had such bonding problems with her and have almost sold her couple of times, but now with new wig and style, she seems like "my" doll. I'm really easy - just mix pastel hair with frills and cute, and I'm smitten and taken...

Monday, July 25, 2011

Pukifee swap, summer 2011

Although I don't browse Den of Angels so much these days, there is one thing that I try to find there - the Pukifee swaps! I think I've participated in all of them, and all have been a great experience. This summer's swap was called Hopes and Dreams, and we got some really nice things :3

Pukifee swap haul

Pukifee swap haul II

Peppermint is good

A BJD-scaled dollhouse (just how cool is that?) and three cute dresses for a precious bobblehead <3 I have actually been looking for a dollhouse prop, so it was a pleasant surprise. Thank you, shiatar, and I hope there will be more swaps in the future :3

p.s. A random funny thing: when I put together my swap gift, I ordered some miniature doll cookies from Ebay. I was very amused when they arrived in a letter closed with some yellow tape stating OPENED BY THE CUSTOM'S OFFICE. I would have liked to see the face of the custom's officer who carefully opens my letter and alas, discovers no drugs but a jar of miniature cookies. The things people order!