Saturday, January 25, 2014

Twinkle twinkle with new things


I decided to improve little Tuike's looks and make her more like my own <3 So she got new urethane eyes from MehiArt and wig from Dollwig - both highly recommended! Especially Dollwig is a goldmine for those searching for small wigs. Size 4-5 (Pocketfairy size) is very hard to come by, but she has a nice selection and is super nice. My wig arrived with a free teddy bear and the most adorable package I've seen a while. The wig itself is very nice, silky and super smooth.

And Mehiart's eyes are of course always so pretty and sparkly. I currently own three pairs and want more *_*

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Idris reborn! (Bluefairy vs. Soom special parts.)

It was a good day to photograph a sort of new doll. Well, I've owned all her parts for a long while, but didn't use this combination before.

One of my most "popular" dolls has been Idris, my hooved pastel-themed fantasy girl. She used to be Soom's Kivi on Adamelli body, but something has been amiss. I must admit that Soom's MSDs just...don't click with me like they should. They are cute, but their face sculpts lack that something that I like my dolls to have. Their bodies are okay, but nothing spectacular and the hands are not nice. However I really like Idris' style and theme, so I haven't been able to let go.

On the other hand I own a really pretty Minoruworld's special Bluefairy Olive. Lovely girl, nothing wrong with her looks, I just didn't come up with a good story or style or anything. Okay, she looks cute in anything, fantastic. But who she really is? I need to know if I want to bond with a doll, if she's to inspire me to create.

A doll with a style but a dull form, a doll with a pretty form but dull style. See where this is going?

New Idris

New Idris II

Some restringing and styling and lo and behold, a whole new Idris! And isn't she just the cutest little pony ever. She seems shy and reserved, gentle but childish at times, just how I've figured her character to be.


She also got new urethanes from MehiArt. I accidentally bought three pairs from her, whoops. It's not the best photo but they have little flowers in them <3 And they're so bright and sparkly!

Little gem parts on Bluefairy body

Here'a a close up of her knees. The resin match is...well, let's say it isn't and I have no energy to consider any blushing options. But the match is otherwise surprisingly okay. I think Soom used Angelregion's MSD body as a base for their Little Gems, and Angelregion and Bluefairy share the same basic bodies. Bluefairy of course doesn't have the locking mechanism that Littlegem does, but she's able to stand and sit which is enough for me. Of course you'll have to string your doll really well and maybe get some sueding, and she won't be very steady. I wouldn't leave her standing without support as she's very likely to topple over.

Despite small problems she turned out very cute and inspiring doll <3 I have so many ideas what I could do with her.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

January's Etsy update

I finally finished the hats I did on my winter holiday, decorated 'em and listed 'em on Etsy:

Etsy updated!

You can find my Etsy HERE.

I must say I had the perfect timing as we finally got snow here in the southern Finland as well. Ah, how pretty everything looks now ;3;

Monday, January 6, 2014

Rose butterfly

I know I shouldn't play favourites but...

Rose butterfly

...can't help it, Liduse it is. She's odd (Notdoll had a very personal style which is not everyone's cup of tea), doesn't pose very well, has strange little feet and hands, but some dolls just have magic. I like pretty dolls too like Bluefairies, but sometimes odd and strong is also very beautiful. If Notdoll's body wasn't such a BEEP to restring and change heads, I wouldn't mind having another ND head to play with, maybe Belladonna?

I should write about her character too, except that's she mostly just watches. She's a pink nightmere butterfly (come on, who said pink cannot be scary?) who talks in riddles and strange words. Sometimes she nails it, sometimes she talks just gibberish and nonsense. She has low-level psychic abilities but as she's nothing humanlike, she doesn't really understand what she sees. Well, she understands nothing of what is true and what is false, she just talks and sings with her sweet birdlike voice. For some reason Hecate, her mistress, pities her. Maybe it's because she'll never be able to feel those things she whispers about?