Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ldoll 2013

Teaser for Ldoll


This is the reason why I haven't posted much about dolly crafts lately. Ldoll festival is coming once again, and I'll send hats and other knitted things there. This is probably the last year though since I'll be starting a new job in August which has a different schedule and a salary raise. I'll no longer "need" my knitting side business so much to fund this hobby, so I've decided to just concentrate on Etsy and of course my own dolls. But this year you'll find my hats there! Sizes range from Pukipuki to SD, mostly on YO-SD and MSD, and as a test I'll make one or two for Blythes / Leeke's bobble heads too.

Speaking of Leeke's bobble heads, I really wouldn't mind giving home to this precious creature if I already didn't have Ariana *_* That Lovely B skin...I know I shouldn't even think about buying Tirlittan a friend, but I do. Luckily or unfortunately I need to save up some money for our trip to Riga, so no surprise doll purchases this summer! I also need some new shoes for myself, more than a new doll. But still, it's a beautiful doll. And I want a doll in lavender / grey skin one day. Luckily Bluefairy doesn't make dolls in fantasy colors xP

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Seeing double?

Two of a kind

I had some (doll) friends visiting some time ago, jesmo and another friend with her adorable infant daughter. I couldn't resist taking a photo of our Pipos Dreaming Maris. Of course I sent them tumbling down, "whoops", luckily nothing bad happened to Nightmare Alice's face up. My own doll doesn't matter so much :P

Now when I look at this photo, I just can't help thinking how boring Mari's default faceup is. It's pretty, but boring, especially those eyebrows. Luckily jesmo has promised to my saviour and give her a new look with bit more attitude and sparkle <3

Saturday, June 15, 2013

So bright lime

Bright lime

Eep, sorry about spamming her, but I finally got my spring Leeke wig. This is their Bright Lime and boy is it perfect for Shua. I actually squeed aloud xD I wish I had ordered more, all those colours are so pretty. Too bad my wallet didn't agree with me...

Hopefully Leeke will re-run these spring colours again because I sure want more. I'm especially crying after Misty Green. Not that my dolls really need more green wigs, I already have four dolls with green hair (Shua, Gert, Hiu and my Monster High Fishfish). At the moment I have no doll with blue hair, so if I still need to invent a hair colour to someone, I think I should go with pale blue.


My friends showed me web clips of Ever After High, and I think I must buy one or two when the dolls come out xD I fell in love with Mad Hatter's daughter, she's just so pastel-y and crazy, what a surprise. If they really share bodies with Monster Highs, I'm so doomed! Okay, doomed to purchase one.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pastels rock

Pastels rock!

Isn't Shua cute with her clothes? I bought stuff from Xaya and Luna for my fairy kei girl, the hat and the necklace are my own.

I've been toying with an idea to switch either her or my Olive to a tanned version, because I really want a tan Tinyfairy and this might help me to cut down the amount of dolls I own. Not that it would actually help in this catastrophe but at least I'm trying. So if you want to sell me your tanned May-V or Olive or trade 'em for a white skinned version + cash from me...well, it's worth a try. Or then I'll just wait what Bluefairy comes up with.

I know there are tanned TFs coming soon, but I heard they are Louis and Jasmine. Nothing against these gorgeous dolls but they are not Bluefairy sculpts I'm so in love with, so I'll rather wait for the right one :3 It's either May-V, Olive (dear lord Olive Valentine in tan would rock *_*), Sarang or Somang. Or some wild card! Luckily I'm in no hurry since I don't really "need" a tan Tinyfairy. I just WANT.