Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The little additions - or should I say addictions...

Merry belated X-mas and happy new year to all my readers! I was supposed to take some cute X-mas-themed photos but then I ran out of time, energy and inspiration. But instead have some repentive photos of Griselda (Didi) and Sauerkraut the bunny:


Gris and Sauer II


Gris and Sauer


Poor Gris had to deal with my Pukifee outfits, she needs some own stuff. I've purchased her a blonde mohair wig but I'm still debating with her style. I know she isn't a pastel girl, so maybe some mori/ethnic influences, earthy hues, natural materials...

Fortunately for Bluefairy,but very unfortunately for my poor bank account, I still think about Pocketfairy May, so Griselda may get a sister one day - especially if they release another white-skinned (PF) May with the sugar body. It's so cute how much Didi looks like miniature version of their bigger May Valentine, by the way! Works for me since May is my favourite Bluefairy sculpt *3*

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Small things and woes

Hello, Mr. Totoro

Little white bunny

If only we had some snow and light here...the weather has been so sucky recently. Gloomy, wet, no snow, just rain and darkness. Artificial light has been most uninspiring, so instead of playing with dolls I have played Elder Scroll: Skyrim and planned our new pet mice I will pick up after Christmas :-3 The big dolls have recieved little to no attention, and my BJD stories are waiting for new fresher ideas and inspiration. Calm before the storm, I hope?

But luckily I'm not the kind of hobbyist who goes desperate in situations like this. I still love my dolls dearly and am making small plans for them all the time. And Bluefairy has shipped my Didi who will hopefully arrive just in time for Christmas <3

The little white bunny is Tamdoll's ball-jointed animal doll that I bought through Strapya, by the way. It's probably not technically a "proper" BJD since it lacks changeable eyes and stuff, but I think it's very adorable. I named him Sauerkraut and even gave him a character. You'll hopefully be seeing him around!

p.s. I got hooked on Tumblr quite badly. I post lots of dolly/miniature things there - and just generally things I find inspiring. So if you are ever bored of my blabberings and just wish to look at pretty pictures, head there!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter thoughts

Snow, finally!

As this photo of Halla kindly points out, even Southern Finland got some snow this week \o/ Surely it's not much and it's wet and cold, but it is at least something. Halla has some new gear, a lovely headdress from Jesmo and a fur keep I made. Cutting fake fur was definitely not fun, but the result is quite fine, I think. I probably should start a hunt for thinner fur fabrics and sew some more accessories. No worries, fake fur only ;)

Christmas is apparently also approaching. I will spend my (short, boohoo) holidays at my folks', and I'm hoping that I have some time to snap dolly photos too. I have a little victim ready too ;3

I hope everyone's having a nice winter!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Little angels

Unni, again

This is Unni <3 I made a brave trade proposal if a fellow BJD person would have liked to trade her Pukifee Luna (that was for sale) to my Latidoll Lea, and it worked out just perfectly.

Here are some other pics what I took of the "new" addition and her best friend:

Little angels

Two of them


They both have the sleeping plates as well <3

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Some changes are coming up amongst my tinies. I traded Unni, my Latidoll Lea, into something else, you'll see :P

And I bought a new tiny doll, Bluefairy's Strawberry Didi!

Image by Bluefairy 

I've wanted a Pocketfairy for a long time, especially with the sugar body and white-skinned. Didi's my second favourite, she looks like a miniature May Valentine. My first favourite is of course their Minimay, and I wouldn't mind owning her in WS and in sugar body as well ;3 Maybe in the future?

Eeep, tiny dollies <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Boy from the shadows

Boy from the shadows      Glow
You seem familiar

Here's a small selection of the photos I took for my latest BJD photo story. It's basically the arrival story of Senka, my Bygg. He turned out quite angsty, but it's okay, I guess.

Winter is surely coming (yay GoT referances!) since I was forced to switch to artificial lightning. Boohoo ;_;

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Odd freaks

Odd freaks

I was taking quick photos of some knitting commissions and wanted to use the setup (yeah, pulling the curtain of our living room to our sofa is surely a 'setup' *eyeroll) to snap some other random shots. Here's Haura with a custom My Little Pony by my mate Illves. They are both zombie-like characters with grey and scary combined with pastel colours, glitter and cute :P

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bunny in the library

Bunny in the library I

Bunny in the library II

Bunny in the library III

I helped a friend today to shoot some BJD photostories with our RPG/doll characters. And since I had my camera with me, I wanted to snap a few shots of a friend's Pipos Dark Rabbit since the setup was so superb. Just look at that stained glass window <3

p.s. Okay, it's not a library, it's a study really.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The fawn's new knits

A dreamlike thing Hoof-warmers

I finished some knittings for Idris, a hat with beads, sequins and a filingree butterfly + a set of hoof-warmers. Made with Rose Mohair Lux, Novita's Rose Mohair is my favourite yarn for dolly knits these days. It's reasonably priced, very adequate and the colours are very pretty. You can also spot Idris' new ears which came from Leeke. Don't ask how they come through her hat, it's a very special dream magic. Leeke says they are fox ears but bah, they are so fawn ears it's not even funny!

Speaking of hats, my hats did quite well in this year's Ldoll <3 Thanks to all who bought or at least looked! I have some big plans regarding the next year, but you'll hear more of them later ;3

And finally, since I did make some profit with my sales, there just might be some new resin coming. Not yet, I promised to order together with a friend who needs some time to arrange her things, but this winter anyway. My first anthro doll :D I hope everyone's doing great in the dolly front!

p.s. Blogger's new interfece is bit confusing but quite nice, don't you think?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

In the wildwoods

In the wildwoods II

In the wildwoods

In the wildwoods VI

Where the wild things are

I dragged (almost literally, EIDs are heavy!) Adriel outside for a small photoshoot today. Grahhh, EIDs and forest photography...luckily he's much stiffer these days as I've changed his rubberbands and tightened them too. But I still didn't enjoy it :P

Ironically I think he looks best without a shirt and his hair loose. Sorry, sweetcheeks ;3 He has some new bodywork done by my mate Illves, scarring, blushing and one supercool "tattoo" of an elk skull. That girls knows her scars!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monsters, monsters, so bizarre

Even though mine are not monsters but sylphs...

Haura, finished

Haura, finished

I finished her outfit today, go me! Everything is sewn by hand. Her corset is fully lined, I totally ruined the first version by using wrong kinds of fabrics which just would not turn without ripping. Oh well, the second try is much better even though it's still bulky, I guess you just won't get anything better in this size. Lagoona's shoes work surprisingly well with her, yes?

And where did I get Lagoona's shoes? Oh well...

A second victim!

"Whoops." She'll get repainted, naturally, and especially since she has a factory flaw in her makeup anyway. I might keep her hair as I like it, I'll just have to come up with a perfect hairdo. She'll become Fishfish, Haura's strange girlfriend who just gushes all the time rather than speaking.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Needles have sung

Circus hat

I of course forgot to photograph the pile of knitted hats I made for Ldoll, but here's one sample of some of the new designs. I love all things striped and circus-themed as I'm quite sure you've already noticed ;3

Mocha and lace

And I finished Idris' first outfit, consisting of a corset top and lace skirt. I think I've found her colour scheme, it's creamy and quite natural. Yay!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A fragile rose

A fragile rose

Project Haura advances, I chopped her hair away with scissors - damn, it was relaxing, no wonder kids always hack away their Barbies' hair. Don't worry, I replaced it with a wig I randomly found from Ebay. I think it needs some crazy decorations such as huge butterflies or birds, like those wigs from rococo France. Maybe her outfits should follow that theme, even if sewings those garments in that size should be at least interesting.

p.s. Pieni loppukaneetti suomeksi: jos joku bongaa Monster High - sarjan Spectraa tai Abbeyta täällä myynnissä niin kertokoon heti! Nykyisistä tytöistä ainoastaan Lagoona enää kutkuttelee ja saatanpa ostaakin sen ensi palkkapäivänä kun on vähän kalliimpi, mutta Spectra ja Abbey on pakko saada ;3; Hiton addiktoivia nukkeja...

Sunday, September 11, 2011





Something pretty arrived here! She's Idris, Soom's loveable Adamelli and the first of my second pair of twin MSDs. Her brother, Sindri, has been fully paid as well.

She needs a restringing and thicker elastics, the ones that Soom used are so thin. Maybe some sueding to her knees while we're at it? Faceup? A proper outfit instead of things I just dug up and tossed all over her? A background story? This may take a while, but luckily she is very pretty even now.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Haura (MH Ghoulia)



So it seems I've also fallen for Monster High dolls as I just had to pick up Ghoulia yesterday. Their body shape and hands are just adorable! They remind me of faeries / sylphs, so I wanted to turn Ghoulia into a dream faerie. Her name is Haura. I'm still thinking if I should switch her hair for a wig (I have no patience to reroot anything). And she needs a proper outfit, her current one is just some random fabric scraps put together.

I kinda want more now, oh well - luckily these are not as expensive as BJDs AND I can get them from the supermarket nearby :P

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The beginning of autumn


Oh, it's September. Goodbye, summer, it's time for my favourite season. Loving all the crispy colours and the fresh smells <3

In the dolly front, little revamps here and there. Aegis recieved a new faceup from one of my eternal faves, Jesmo, and is looking almost too cute. He matches very well with his sister now, I should continue their story once my second set of MSD twins arrive. Speaking of them, I should get the first one home soon and just paid the second one. Thank you, Soom, or curse you...

Along with re-vamped Aegis, I got my big man home as well. He has some scarwork done and is looking so fabulous now *3* I should get my hands dirty and him restrung so I could take photos...

Monday, August 22, 2011

Frills and sins


Lately I've been going crazy in Etsy's supply section and have ordered for example polka-dotted bias tapes, cute stickers and jewelry parts. Let's not talk about how much I've spent...but damn it, Etsy and its dangerous temptations, I tell you >:(

Meital's new underdress is made from some cream-coloured tulle lace I found there amongst the other pretty things. The lace itself is so beautiful that it needed nothing but a waistband. Simple and cute! It goes very well with Meital's creamy "Rumba" skirt. "Rumba" is the name for that frilly fabric which our local biggest fabric store chain sells. It's very popular amongst us Finnish dolly sewers ;3

I have an itch to pamper my princess M some more...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

L-doll 2011: a sneak preview

New hats

New hats

New hats

I will be participating in this year's Ldoll festival in Lyon, France - well, sort of. Sadly I'm not able to go there myself, but my friends will have a selling booth there where we will be offering nifty handmade BJD clothes and such. I, of course, will send some knitted hats with them. So if you're going there, please stop by our table and have a look :3

The pictures are of hats I've made for the event. New designs, new yarns, cute things and uh...stuff. Sizes range from Realpuki to MSD.

Maybe I'll be able to attend the next year ;3;


Also, I wanted to try out Tumblr. It seems quite trendy, maybe bit too much for me, but you cannot know unless you try it. I admit, I never thought to use it for BJD purposes until I found people posting my photos there :P

Which reminds me that I don't mind my photos being re-posted elsewhere (hey, it's free promotion!) but I'd like to get some credit. A link to this blog is just fine :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birds and strange things

I'm here, so pay attention now

Big bird


Hmm, all the recent posts have been about my bird-themed dolls. Well, here is one more :D I took a photoshoot with Krähe and Hildegard, my Yrie who loves to boss poor Krähe around. She's a gutsy little thing.



Image © Doll-Chateau
This is Faramita, a new uhm...bjd creature from Doll-Chateau. I have no idea what exactly she is, but I know that she is just adorable <3 Is it bad if I want her? Somehow she just reminds me of surreal children's fairy tales. I could get her painted in shades of mint blue and pink, give her glass beads as eyes and turn her into something very strange but cute!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Big birdie feets

Big birdie feets

Ehm, I bought Soom Galena's talons for Krähe :B What else can you really say about this except that I seem to have quite the addiction for birdie parts on BJDs? When my Nor arrives, I need to take a comparison photo of Soom's birdie feets as I will own them in all three sizes. Heaven forbid if I start lusting after Euclase's feet!

The feet sit okay on his Volks SD10, of course it feels and shows that they are not made to go together but he is able to stand and sit. And hey, Volks SD10 is not the best poser anyway and mine has a missing piece on the left knee, so I'm very used to him having difficulties to stand. I'd rather not mod anything because a) the re-sell value will go down b) I suck at it. So if they work, I shall keep him as he is, a little knee-handicapped birdie boy. Now he just needs a pair of pants...

Monday, August 8, 2011

Even more magpie boys


Even though he has nothing but his head and wig (Leeke's Roaylkhaki by the way, an awesome colour!), I wanted to take a little snapshot of Krumlen, Krähe's big brother. Yep, he's Dollgru #11, the very head that I've been wailing after a long while - and since this was the last time Kappa sold these heads, I knew I had to act. He's a pretty one and matches excellently with Volks resin, much better than his brother :P But I'm not giving my SD10 to him, the body just doesn't fit with the character I have in mind for Krum...

And a character, you may ask? Why, of course he has one. He's quite the winner, this one, a youngster living with his mother and writing questionable vampire fiction stories at night. He's a magpie as well, of course, and loves all things sparkly very much. It goes in the blood ;3

Monday, August 1, 2011

The shadow prince

The shadow prince

The shadow prince

The shadow prince

This is Senka, my Soom Bygg / Dikadoll hybrid. He is a shadow boy of the dreams, a servant of the nightmeres who has almost complitely forgotten who he once was. The shadow has almost complitely taken him and turned him ash grey. You can see the corruption on his neck and face. But something remains which still keeps him in a human form. What is it that you seek, Senka?

The Soomlings

Senka and Hilde, my two Soom tinies. So different...