Friday, October 17, 2014

Scent of winter

I almost sold Tirlittan at one point, but here she is still *3* She's a cute doll with her enormous head - she just doesn't sparkle and inspire like my Bluefairy girls, but there's still some certain charm that keeps her here.

Scent of winter

Scent of winter II

The props in these photos are actually Christmas ornaments from Stockmann (a large department store). I've usually bought something from their Christmas section every year for my dolls - I don't really care about decorating our home, but I surely can decorate my dolls xP

It's already smelling like the winter here, we even got some snow yesterday, eep! Time to make something warm for poor Tirl and her bare arms.

p.s. The necessary Etsy promotion: some new tiny hats! Knitting from thin mohair is quite fun :3

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Spontaneous doll purchases...

...good or bad, I don't know xD


Anyway, this is Halina, AngelRegion's limited Natural Tanning Ren (originally a LE of 30). An old doll with plenty of previous owners, but still in pretty good condition. I've reserved a faceup slot for her - I want a softer look since Ren has quite sharp features - and bought her new eyes from Makoeyes. Her wig is a keeper, I think.

Oh, I remember back in 2006 when I pondered between Ami and Ren as my first BJD. I apparently chose Ami, but now I got Ren too and I'm happy <3 Her tan is really nice, light and latte-coloured, and there is certain charm in her sharp face. Now all that's left is to get her ready! Apart from new makeup, she needs a style with trinkets and bling, as usual.