Thursday, August 16, 2012

10 facts: Meital


I've seen this meme around, and it seems fun, so I thought to write about some of my dolls. The idea is basically to tell ten facts about your doll. I decided to start with Meital, my Little Monica Sophia.

1) The very first version of "Meital" was Orientdoll So Ji. Truth to be told, she had nothing else in common with current Meital except her name and blonde hair colour.

2) I re-bought Meital as a SD-sized doll later. Her first versions were all three different versions of Musedoll Ciel with Fantasydoll / Dollfie Dream body. I still have a warm spot for Ciel, but she was Meital for me too long that I could see anything else in that sculpt.

3) Currently Meital is nDoll Aiko, who later turned into Little Monica Sophia.

4) I really liked Little Monica's Innocent Sophia and considered a purchase. I decided to use the money to fund other projects, though, since that head would have become just Meital's extra head.

5) I have a small obsession of having the prettiest SD-sized girl doll I know as Meital, since she's my princess. So far Sophia has taken the cake, but if something even prettier came along, I could grab it.

6) One of the big reasons I decided to buy Sophia / then Aiko was also that I was afraid of staining her vinyl body (Dollfie Dream). Resin's much safer!

7) Meital's character has developed a lot, too. When I first got her, she was supposed to be ethereal, old, beautiful and wise. She's still beautiful, but those other, she's definitely not wise xP But she has a different kind of wisdom which comes from true innocence and kindness.

8) Despite experiencing and witnessing difficult and cruel things, the best part of Meital's character is that she truly remains innocent and believes that the world is a good place. I always think that she's an angel because Father, her god, protects her gentle, childlike heart.

9) I wish I could lie that there is a huge, deep story behind my angels, my lifelong achievement or something really epic. But the truth is that I just got the idea from watching Haibane Renmei, because I liked their wings and haloes xP If I could start over, I might create something more dreamlike and less, uh, Christian-themed. But it's too late now, so Meital shall be a traditional angel until the rest of her days.

10) Meital is probably the one who has most relationships around. Let's see, she has:

  • Brothers, Niko and Lochesh.
  • Mother, Hecate. 
  • Spouse, Uncle K
  • Niece, Apsu.
  • Pet pigeon / letter carrier, Hildegard
  • Some kind of pet, Kiki.