Sunday, February 28, 2016

A qilin in the spring

What a perfect weather for doll photography today <3 Sunny and warm enough to survive without gloves a while - yet the snow was powdery and rather dry. I took Idris outside for a change:

A qilin in the spring

A qilin in the spring 2

A qilin in the spring 3

A qilin in the spring 4

A qilin in the spring 5

Thanks for looking!:3

p.s. I decided that Idris is a qilin/kirin rather than just random magical creature, as she has horse hooves and deer antlers xD A good excuse to buy all kinds of Asian costumes for her, no? She's rather shy and rather hides in the dream world, but spotting her is a good omen and will bring you some good luck.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

February knittings

As the title promised, here are some recent knitting projects I've done ^^ Both are commissions, but yes, my own dolls have asked for their own too xD I really like knitting with thin mohairs these days, surely it's time-consuming, but the scale just looks so nice <3

Greyish cardigan

An oversized greyish blue cardigan in SD-size, cable knitting in the sleeves and stuff :3

Purple hoodie

Purple hoodie 2

Purple hoodie 3

Purple hoodie 4

And a light purple hoodie for Soom Teenie Gem, working buttons and lace-trimmed hood. This was the very first hood I've knitted, and it was actually really simple. There will be more of these, as Hilde already ordered a light pink one for herself :D Needy little thing! Well, she deserves it...

Yikes, how yellow she is these days...

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's from Birdy!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! Or actually in Finland we call this day "a friend's day" which I actually like much better. I already have one sweetheart whom I cherish every day, but it's never a bad idea to remember your friends as well.

I've met so many nice and talented people through this hobby, so here's a collective THANK YOU to all of you <3

I took some pictures of Birdybird (Chisa) in her new Azone kimono set and my Valentine chocolates I got from work (and ate already, haha).

Birdy's Valentine!

Birdy's Valentine 2

Birdy's Valentine 3

Chisa's brave and gutsy smile is my favourite part of her! It will cheer up any day ;3;

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

White siblings

I needed to photograph some knitting commissions today anyway, so I took some snaps of Meital and Niko, my angel siblings:

Creamy bird

Totally white

Totally white 2

My lovely little sister

Meital: "Are these any kittens in that book? =^_^="
Niko: "Actually it's about a place in mortal world called Great Britain, but we can look if they included any felines."

Niko's new wig is from Dollmore - did you know they have a really handy Ebay store with very reasonable shipping? I personally hate arranging group orders, so this is a good option xD

White-themed angel dolls may be bit of a cliché, but I don't care - I still love these two <3