Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Small knitting update

I recently finished a large-ish knitting commission for two SD-sized shirts ^^ The commissioner sent me the yarns and gave ideas for the design. She wished for "mori-styled lace collars" and so I did add them :3

Morigirl cardigan I

Morigirl cardigan II

Pink sweater I

Pink sweater II

These are made of thin mohair yarn and with 2mm knitting needles. My gauge is small, so these took a long while, maybe three months? Thanks gods there was no hurry ^^; I'm personally quite happy with the results, and luckily the commissioner also liked them <3 I want to do more in various sized, I'm already preparing a pattern for an Azone-sized version :D

p.s. About knitting commissions - I do take 'em, but I don't keep an official thread anywhere anymore. I have a full-time job which takes a lot of time and energy, so it's hard to keep a schedule, and I want to play with my own dolls as well xD But if you have patience, I could see what I can do, because I love to knit :D (And I am able to do it while I watch anime and other stuff, hehe.)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hanami doll gathering 2015

Last Sunday we had a small doll gathering in Roihuvuori's Japanese park where the cherry trees were still in full bloom <3  We were me, Sarq, safir, Poarion, Spica and Luna, and we had a jolly time. The weather was pretty and sunny, even if the ground was bit cold, There was no actual theme, all dolls and collectables allowed, but most dolls were Azone's, BJDs, Dollfie Dreams, Nendoroids - and alpacas and mystery dolls as well xD Here's my share of meetup photos:

Roihuvuori doll hanami

Roihuvuori doll hanami

Roihuvuori doll hanami

Roihuvuori doll hanami

So colourful! :3 And would you believe that actually my crew was quite modest - okay except for Kiku who is riding on a LTS unicorn...:P

Roihuvuori doll hanami

Safir's adorable Picconeemo girl <3 I just may need one of these as well - her tininess is adorable.

Roihuvuori doll hanami

And I just may need Nina to be my Chisa's friend ^^; I don't know what it is, but I really like Azone's XS size <3 And just look at that mint-coloured outfit and bunny shoes...

Roihuvuori doll hanami

My grail Azone ;3; But she is out of my reach at the moment. I really wish Azone would re-release her at one point, the aftermarket prices for her tend to be quite crazy ;_;

Roihuvuori doll hanami

Poarion's gorgeous DD girl, so pink *3*

Roihuvuori doll hanami

Friendsie between Railis! My Tove and Sarq's Bambi-san Raili. These photos makes me very happy that I was able to find Raili for a good price, her expression just is so heartmelting. One of my favourite Azone girls definitely!

Roihuvuori doll hanami

Roihuvuori doll hanami

My and Safir's Lipus admiring the huge pink blossoms :3 Thanks for Luna for helping with these shots! They look so confused xD

Roihuvuori doll hanami

I also got a new Nendoroid, Nagisa Momoe from Madoka: Rebellion movie. I will take more photos of her when I get the chance! But here she is admiring the blossoms as well. I just had to switch her in her Bebe / witch face, just because xD Well, she looks happy...

Roihuvuori doll hanami

Here's my crew minus Nagisa: Tove, Pip and Kiku. I would have liked to make some yukatas for them, but my job has been hectic lately and I've had some sleeping issues ;_; Luckily it will get easier soon and relaxing with dolls and lovely people helps a lot! :3

Roihuvuori doll hanami

Haha, this guy brought a lot of amusement xD He's Spica's Bratz boy, a fleamarket find. I'm too old for Bratz, we just had Barbies and stuff, but his design is quite funny and we had lots of laugh making him pose for photos. Yeah, this is a serious adult hobby YEAH RITE...

We had a fun time, hope to meet again soon! The summer is coming, let's hope for lots of sunny days!

The next weekend we're driving for a BJD meetup in Turku, our BJD forum turns ten years old so it's a birthday party ^3^ I'll be packing a camera along so more photos are coming, hehe.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mail from the fairy association

Or actually maybe from Amiami again xP But eep, I got my Lil' Fairy Lipu home <3 I went to the good old neighbourhood forest to snap a couple of arrival photos:

Enter the fairy

Gah, that little Fairy Bible <3 It's an actual book, although the pages are blank. Azone knows their stuff!

Enter the fairy II

Enter the fairy III

Enter the fairy IV

Enter the fairy V

I named her Pip, just wanted something short and cute <3 Her body is so tiny *_* I will try to sew and knit for her though, although I know it will be quite a challenge xD Luckily my handsewing skills have improved a lot lately as I've been practising...

The only negative thing to say is that changing her hands is quite challenging. The hands have small wrist parts that come off, you need to attach them to the spare hands and I'm so nervous I'll just break those damn things...I'm pretty sure Pip won't change her hands very often xD

But otherwise she's just the most adorable little thing ever. And I managed to preorder her a lamb suit from Azone which will be her default gear, I think. Baa! <3

Sunday, May 3, 2015

New family members - a quick introduction

Yesterday was a double package day as I picked up two parcels from Mandarake <3 With some cursing as both packages were larger than expected and didn't fit in any of my bags xD; Luckily their contents made me much happier!


Birdybird 2

The first girl is My Sweet Diary Chisa <3 She was cheap because part of her stock outfit had yellowed due to age. Such a brave little face she has! I named her Birdy (Tirppa in Finnish) because she sort of looks like a little bird. And she eats a LOT xD

She has Obitsu's 21cm body, being an older release. I originally had plans to switch it to Azone's XS, but right now, I dunno...I like Azone's own bodies, but Obitsus pose so damn well. And her Obitsu is quite sturdy. We'll see!



Another new girl is Majokko Raili (Little Witch of the Snow). Bad things first, I was disappointed that part of her stock outfit doesn't fit and her body has terribly weak knees which makes it next to impossible to stand without a stand ^^; Luckily her pretty little face makes it up! <3 I love her gentle expression and pale skin.

I named her Tove because of her Scandinavian look (I think Raili's supposed to be Finnish xD) and because I think she looks like a Moomin character somehow.

A body swap

Well, a solution to her body problems was to switch her in my Obitsu 23cm :P Not as cute as Pureneemo, but she's able to stand on her own and pose so much better now! I also like how slender she suddenly became - more variety amongst the girls, not bad <3

I still have one little Neemo on the way, hopefully this will be it for a while :D I want to sew them stuff and play with them too, too bad that IRL stuff is keeping me busy :(

Friday, May 1, 2015

A girl with her unicorn

Happy Walpurgis Day! Here in Finland it's usually spent with drinking mead, eating doughnuts and playing with balloons, paper streamers and costumes. Today's photos have none though, but I did snap some photos of Shua and her new friend:

Fairy girl fox

Fairy girl fox 2

Fairy girl fox 3

He's a Little Twin Star bag charm I bought through Blippo :) You may already have noticed that I'm a huge LTS fan :D I think I'll make some accessories for myself from those "extra" parts. I'm sure that text charm will make an adorable necklace!

Fairy girl fox 4

I can honestly say I'm very happy and proud that she's my doll <3 Well, it would be sad if I couldn't think that way - she's a limited white-skinned Bluefairy and bit on the expensive side...worth every cent though :3


Speaking of Bluefairies, I noticed they have been recasted as well, boo :< Damn, I know there are a ton of honest, good Chinese doll sellers, but all these recasts...you really need to do your research these days :/


Azone's summer releases! Cute, isn't it? *3* Unfortunately I cannot preorder stuff because my doll budget is tighter than usual, thanks to various IRL expenses :< Oh well, such is life. If I could, I'd be all over that adorable swimwear and that pink S-sized yukata <3