Saturday, February 23, 2013

Spring approaching

Spring slowly approaching

Gertrude has finally her mint mohair wig from 1mim! Perfect colour, snug fit and of course Gert looks absolutely darling with it :3

This blog may be bit less active this spring, since a happy thing happened and we got a new apartment from the neighbourhood. So we're moving, which means lots of packing and stuff. But our new flat will be much cheaper, and we even got an own sauna, so I'm sure it will well worth the hassle. It will be smaller though so I really need to work on organizing my stuff and see what storage options Ikea could have for me. Oh well, a good chance to go through my dolly stuff and get rid of useless things.

Just a reminder that if you want to see more of my doll photos, how about following my Flickr or doll-themed Tumblr? I use Flickr as my main photo host, and Tumblr as a visual portfolio of sorts. See you there o/

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Like I said, yet another new doll came my way. I've funded Finland's custom office very well this month, maybe they'll send me a T-shirt or something?



Angst aside, Shua is here, my May Valentine. I bought her through Pupa*Casa's special white choice event where you were able to purchase some limited molds in WS, body of your choice and some extras. Of course I cried after Sleeping Sarang too but May-V came first since I've always loved this sculpt, and it was a fantastic chance to get her just as I wanted. She's so very beautiful *3*

Her character idea is a dream fox, I took off her ears because of the hat, something quite inspired from The Little Prince and Japan's kitsune (fox) spirits. She sleeps in her own little mint-coloured moon during the days and hops in the dream world by night, planting cookies everywhere. She's a kind soul but slightly mischievous like foxes tend to be and doesn't always understand how feelings work.

Unfortunately as she arrived, I took a look at my collection and decided that it's time to do a little change. Her style is so close to my Minimay's that I decided that Minimay can go. I love May sculpt very much, but four versions of this sculpt are maybe bit too much...

I traded Minimay (Gretel) to something small, catlike and grumpy. My first anthro doll, can't wait!