Saturday, November 23, 2013

Let's go outside for a while

I've been trying to be more active in shooting dolls outdoors. We have fine nature all around us despite living in Finland's biggest city anyway! Today I got jesmo as as company and went shooting her dolls and my Tuike in eastern Helsinki. We found a pretty spot, and the weather was perfect <3

Some small sugar

Classic beauty

Climbing up

I did it!


I have an old wide angle lense (Mir-1B) that I used for these shots. It produces nice photos but it's frigging hard to use. Focusing and getting the right aperture / shutter speed is very much trial and error for me, so lots of photos went straight to the computer's trash can >_> But I think that those that came out okay are quite pretty, no?

The dolls:

- Elsi, Bluefairy Strawberry Didi (jesmo)
- Fairyland MNF Marcia Dreaming (jesmo)
- Pivot, Pipos Dreaming Mari (jesmo)
- Tuike, Cocoondolls Hilla (mine)

It was a fun trip, we need to make more!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Fish goes blob

Fish goes blob

Fishfish, my custom Monster High Lagoona by jesmo, worked as my model today. Apparently gloss and vinyl are not the best combination as her lips attract dust and dirt like there's no tomorrow. And it's hard, if not almost impossible, to remove, boo. I don't think it's possible to remove her face paint and get her re-painted, so she'll be like this until the end. Well, BJDs and MHs don't really compare anyway if you ask me :P But I still like playing with my two MH girls sometimes, they're fun dolls.

Kitty hats, attack

Fishy was the closest doll available for this knitting commission where I was asked to create two hats for Fairyland Chicline. It's fun to knit these small hats, so I thought of adding a couple to my Etsy store too. But which size? I no longer have Lati, so humm, maybe Pocketfairy?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Just how much craft supplies does one lady need?

Karnal├╝ks' treasures

The answer is of course "plenty and then some more". I invited couple of my crafty dolly friends to visit Tallinn's craft stores once more since I've been running low on some supplies. I've been eying Clover's mini iron since ages and finally bought it. I sew a lot of Pocketfairy dresses with lining, and turning and ironing that lining has been...well, not so easy with my big iron. Now it should be much easier. I also went slightly over the top and just bought those rose trim spools to create big rose skirts for my big girls. They ended up costing almost 40 euros, whoops. Oh well! Overall I spent about 140 euros in total, which is of course quite a lot, but hey, this is my hobby and my money ;)

We went to eat in Vapiano and after a small hassle as we had no idea how their system worked got some really delicious pasta. The portions were huge, I managed to finish about the half of my bowl. Afterwards we just hanged, bought sweets and gossiped, before coming back to a very stormy and rainy Helsinki. Now I'm tired but very happy and itching to create new things <3 If only I had the time...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The misty forest

We got the most perfect misty weather today, so pretty that I just had to pack up a doll and go outside despite having a flu still. Unfortunately of course the mist didn't look as cool in the forest with all the trees, but I think I managed to snatch a couple of good shots ->

The misty forest I