Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter thoughts


The ever-lovely giant-headed Tirlittan!

I fell in love with an odd little girl from Xagadoll, I think she looks like an vintage anime character, maybe Astro Girl? And those heart-shaped knees, awww! Maybe I'll ditch that Bluefairy plan for a while and get Tirlittan a little sister...

Speaking of Bluefairy, I ordered some extra parts for the girls, such as those holding hands *w* I'm sure they will be extra adorable!

In April we shall celebrate again the birthday of our Finnish BJD community's forum, the theme this year is fairy tale which I of course approve. Luckily all my dolls are characters in my dream story, so there is no need to make anything special :P They are from a a fairy tale by nature.

Speaking of stories, no, no inspiration yet even if I've been asked a lot :< (I used to make lots of photo stories in Finnish, and most of my doll characters come from those stories.) I've been RPGing a lot with my BFF which is great fun, so when I need to do it all alone...meh. I haven't written anything proper for a long while. But I'm no stressing it, the stories will come when they will come. Right now I've been enjoying more of my cute little dolls, creating outfits and photographing them, and if I've learned anything of this hobby, it's that you need to do things that you enjoy. I have some story ideas featuring my big butterfly lady, nothing superb but chances to exercise my writing skills <3

Also we'll have our move during April, so I'm afraid things will quiet down for a while. I have so much stuff to organize, pack, move and unpack, graah! Luckily I've managed to go through most of my hobby stuff and throw lots of unnecessary stuff away. If I haven't touched some fabrics ever since I got my first Pullip, I may just throw them away, right?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

March's Etsy update

March's Etsy update

I update my Etsy store with two new MSD-sized rose hats. Lots of bling in these ones, I maybe got bit carried away...

Otherwise no big doll news, except that I managed to get a very promising job opportunity. I promised myself that if I get that job, I'll reward myself with something small and cute from Bluefairy. Fingers crossed!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fairies in the springlight I

All together now

Such a bright pretty spring sun today! I took advantage of it and photographed my Bluefairy girls. I uploaded the first batch of the bigger girls to my Flickr if you want to take a look.

Flickr is currently not my friend though since it randomly disabled part of my photos from working with forums >_>; It's really frustrating because now my portfolio threads are partly missing photos, and I have no interest nor energy to fix them by hand. Oh well, can't help it, I guess.