Wednesday, November 25, 2015

About Etsy and other stuff

Hello! Just a quick heads-up that I've temporarily converted all my Etsy items into free shipping :3 There is a catch though - our postal service Posti is having various strikes, and the delivery times are something I cannot predict. And with Christmas shopping season ahead...grrrrh. It's not looking very bright at the moment :< I've been waiting for some packages for weeks now.

Thanks to this situation I'd now rather avoid sending anything via mail until it clears up a bit :( Luckily I have no dolls coming, but one little Nendoroid is somewhere out there. Hope he makes through this chaos and comes home soon!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Attack of the pastel kitties!

Today a dolly friend came over and brought her two Pipos kitties along <3 Malva was thrilled to have some pastel playmates, and of course I had to take some photos:

Attack of the pastel kitties

Attack of the pastel kitties 2

Augh, this cranberry Ringo. I want one too ;3; I thought I had gotten over the urge, but now when I saw one IRL, the need is strong, I tell you!

Attack of the pastel kitties 3

Attack of the pastel kitties 4

New Pipos mint resin vs. the old one. Mimosa is darker than Malva and has different hands and tails.

Attack of the pastel kitties 5

Attack of the pastel kitties 6

Meital was ready to adopt them all right away xD Well, she loves kitties more than anything. Sadly Mimosa and Alma already have an owner, so she'll just have to do with Malva alone :P


Luckily these photos cheered up an otherwise sucky day ;_; Our little baby mouse is really sick, she has something wrong with her tummy. It might be a bowel obstruction or something she was born with and triggered by moving to a new pack. Or in worst case, a tumour, which unfortunately means only one thing. I try normally not get too emotional with mice, because they are fragile creatures and live just one or two years. But little Rúndís is just eight weeks old, she's just a pup :( It just feels so unfair. Right now she's in a separate cage, loaded with pineapple (it should help with her bowel system), nutrition gel, food and easy access to water. I hope she makes it ;3;

Edit: Unfortunately she had to be put to sleep this morning ;_; Rest in peace, little sweetie! ;3;

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Upcoming Azones!

Yeah, I've been playing with my BJDs again, but I surely haven't forgotten my Neemos. Azone did a naughty thing and released some of my favourite girls in their Otogi no Kuni - series. So I have some new girls coming!

Photos are from Azone's promotional materials.

Although I can't say I'm a big fan of the original fairy tale, this version of Chiika hit home. A smiling version with a cute bob hair! <3 I promised to do a split so I won't get her clothes. She's so adorable though ^3^

And finally my own Nina ;3; I almost missed the preorders, but luckily Amiami got some more. Again a cute girl with brown bob hair...haha. I think she will be Chiika's little sister. To continue with Otogi no Kuni's theme, I want an old fairytale theme for both of them. Dusty books, natural colours, old stuff...something like that. Azone's own stylings are so good!

New dolls, yay! <3

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A warrior with a half-bun

The boys' photos continue! This time I took out Adriel (Iplehouse Bichun) whose new wig came in the mail. It's a cheap Chinese one - actually I want him an alpaca wig with a sidecut, but I probably should make it myself and that might take a while xD; So now he has at least something that fits his character:


Halfbun 2

Halfbun 3

Halfbun 4

Sorry about boring photos; he's currently very loosely strung and very frustrating to pose. Well, I think Iplehouse's EID guys are always like that xP I've ordered some 5mm rubber string and silicone baking sheet so I could re-string and suede him hardcore. Yes, stuff like this. I thought to cut some strips and hotglue them in his largest joints, as his joints are pretty bad.

And when it's done, I think he needs a new faceup, the old one is getting worn out. I thought I could at least try it myself - I suck at making fine thin lines, but I think he might get away without them. He'll be quite the project, but I'm not giving up on him easily!

Honestly I've thought of selling him many times, but there's just something in his gentle eyes which no other sculpt seem to have. And his tan colour is just right, so I'm willing to try to fix his issues :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A librarian in the woods

I took down my boys' clothing box and re-dressed some in warmer clothes - and right now they inspire me again <3 My boys are forever doomed to get less attention than the girls...I just like girl dolls better xD But on the other hand I'm much better writing male characters, so I guess it's quite even in the end.

But as they now have some new clothes, I thought to give 'em some well-deserved camera time. The first victim is Niko (CP Dreaming Shiwoo) in his new rRabit gear :3 He's technically my first SD and one of my dearest characters:

A librarian in the woods

A librarian in the woods 2

A librarian in the woods 3

A librarian in the woods 4

A librarian in the woods 5

I really like how his new glasses give him a little Harry Potter vibe - suits him well <3


Speaking of stories, I thought to participate in this year's Nanowrimo in my own way. 30k words by the end of the year, I can't finish them in November alone, too much to do. We'll see how this goes! I've missed writing so much ;_; Are you guys doing Nanowrimo too?

And in Finnish in the end: Ajattelin että voisin jakaa sitten tuota Nanoa jos kehtaan xD; No, katsotaan minkätason tekstiä tulee ja mihinkä mennessä saan valmista sitten lopulta. Suomeksi kirjoittaminen on vähän hitaampaa mutta kuitenkin meikälle se luontevin kieli <3