Friday, June 13, 2014

A small cocoa bean

Oh look what the cat dragged in...wait, we don't have a cat.

Meet Kiku!


Back in the Pukifee camp, it seems. This little cutie is a tan Pukifee Luna which I got from our Finnish doll marketplace for a very good deal <3 I named her Kiku which means "chrystanthemum" in Japanese. It was also the name of my husband's and my very first server, how nostalgic!

Gosh I've missed owning a Pukifee - their posing is just so good compared to all the other similar dolls I've owned. My white-skinned ones had yellowing issues, but this tan should handle it better. It's also a very pretty shade, milk coffee with a hint of red. Shhh, I might want a tan buddy to Kiku in the future...


Speaking of Pukifees, I'm preparing something for them on Etsy as well <3 I will post about it here when I get them ready, photographed and listed - that's always a task of its own.


  1. Super söpöinen pikkuinen :)
    Tuo tanni väri varsinkin on hirveän herkullinen.

    1. Kiitoksia! Se kyllä on tosi kaunis, jos harrastaisin MNF:eitä niin ottaisin kyllä moisen tannina xD Toivottavasti Fairyland ei ihan heti räkäise tosiaan uutta tannien tilausjaksoa ettei tule houkutusta hommata toista tannia Pukifeetä...