Monday, March 31, 2014

Foldio arrived

My hubby dearest bought me a Foldio as a combined birthday / Christmas gift <3 It's a small lightbox with LED light strips and produces nice images of smaller objects. I of course use mine for BJD photography, although I could also photograph other miniatures and some accessories.

Gert in a Foldio

Gert is just the right size to fit in, so she got to be the model. I got two LED strips, and I also enhanced the image with Pixlr Editor afterwards*. Outside it was pitch dark, so I'd say this thing does its job very well. Maybe they'll create a bigger size later? I wouldn't mind one for my MSDs as well!

(* Double the main layer, set property to screen, adjust the opacity so that the picture looks good and not too edited.)

Gert's the cutest little cookie ever, no?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Väärällä puolella (photostory in Finnish)

I found my story inspiration again! I've been itching to write about Hecate and her crew, so here's the first story of Amita and Lacroix. Sorry, the text is in Finnish only - I've tried writing fiction in English before and decided that I just don't like it :< But you can of course look at the photos, no?

Tarina löytyypi tietty leikkauksen takaa, kas näin:

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Asia calls

Although this is not directly doll-related, I'm just too hyped up about this *3*

This summer will be really one of a kind, since we (me and my husband) have booked a trip to Asia in July <3 We'll first go to Seuol (South Korea) and from there to Tokyo for a couple of days. I'm so excited as you can obviously tell :D

I'm trying to locate Cafe Bluefairy at least and pay them a visit. I'm a little bit nervous though as I speak just few words of Korean, but I'm sure we'll manage with basic English words and waving our hands.

In Tokyo I'm hoping to go for some fabric / crafts shopping. Then we'll probably locate some interesting attractions and of course eat lots of delicious Asian food.

So very exciting! I thought I'd use this blog to share photos and a travel story, so that's something to wait for <3

Saturday, March 15, 2014

That mad she-wolf

Old forest

Lady in black

Happy Ebay shopping brought me some new things: a photography background (damn that thing is impossible to get un-wrinkly!) and a stand, finally. Now I can photograph Hecate standing without having to fear for those precious claw hands. I'm quite sure they would go all over the place if she fell ^^; She also has new clothes that I bought and made - the corset top and the shrug are by yours truly. I love sewing on details ;3

They call Hecate "the butterfly queen" but she's really a mad she-wolf. Old, strong, smart, crazy and has a temper of a volcano. She surely brings chaos wherever she goes, but she's the most dedicated mother ever. One of my favourite characters, and I really should write about her, I know...

Friday, March 7, 2014

Flowers and vintage frills

This can only mean more Amita, no? There were just too few photos of her, so you know what's coming:

Darling Amita

The book of secrets


Darling Amita II

Green-eyed and sorrowful

I'm hoping to pick up a new dress set for her soon, I'm just too impatient to create megafrills in SD size myself. Once it arrives and we get a proper spring, I really want to take her outside for a photoshoot. She is a forest spirit after all <3

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Two tiny fairies

Pretty spring light today, too good to waste <3  I didn't have much time nor inspiration, but I did set up a tapestry and snapped two shots of my Bluefairy girls:

Daughter of light

Daughter of dust and books

Both girls have new wigs: Idris' is Leeke's Royal Lavender, and Bibi's is a second-hand Crobidoll. It's a BEEP to handle as the hair goes everywhere. Luckily a spray of water and some combing tames it for a second, and I don't mind a messy hair as long as it's not on her face :<

Bibi also has some new crocheted things: I made her a new scarf and her cap is from jesmo. It's super cute ;3;