Saturday, April 25, 2015

The bravest girl in the universe

Whoops. I'll never say "I'll stick to doll type X" again because those promises will be forgotten, let's be honest xP I think I thought "damn Nendoroids and figures are cute but I don't really need another collection" and look what we have here now...

Frankly speaking I ordered her mostly because I fumbled with Amiami's ordering system and made two orders which couldn't be combined >_> So in order to make my first order more reasonable, I had to add more stuff in it - and luckily they had in stock exactly the Nendo I wanted <3

Madoka 1

Madoka from Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, one of my favourite animes of all time, and my favourite character <3 I didn't understand her at all first, but after completing the anime...woah. She's the bravest and the kindest little girl in the whole universe ;3;

Madoka 2

She of course came with her loyal sidekick / mascot Kyubey. I cannot talk much about him as it would be a major spoiler, but let's just say I like him too a lot ;3

Madoka 3

She came with two extra faceplates. This one breaks my heart because SPOILERS xD; But yeah. She also has another set of arms and extra body for Kyubey so he can hang in her arm. This is also ridiculously hard to do because her huge head gets in the way all the time :D (And of course her stand is slippery and all those tiny parts just fly to places...aaargh.)

Madoka 4

And a determined Madoka. Beware, witches!

Madoka 5

Finally a cake party! Re-ments and Nendoroids work very well together :-3

She's a fun little one to play with <3 From Madoka series I think I want Nagisa as well at one point ^3^ She may not be the deepest character out there but I love her design in all her various forms. And I love those huge Nendoroid heads even if they're bit challenging at times :D

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Critters of all kinds (Pet Expo 2015)

Whew, finally had some time to upload these :-3 I visited Pet Expo with safir, sarg and Tiinyan some time ago to look at cute animals - and we surely saw them <3

My camera equipment is not the best at capturing moving things in dim lightning, but I did get some shots:

Pet Expo - pet 5

Pet Expo - pet 4

I'm not a great fan of reptiles (I'm bit scared of some of them :<) but these guys are easy to photograph xD Unlike our mice which stay still only when they're eating or sleeping...

Pet Expo - pet 3

Pet expo: ferrets

Ferrets were such cute and playful creatures <3

Pet expo: rats

Pet Expo - pet 2

Bawww rats! I'm a huge fan of rodents, and we currently have a pack of six fancy mice. I've been eying rats with a certain eye, but first we need a bigger apartment to fit in a proper large cage for them. But one day, I swear! And I want a rat with curly fur ;3;

Pet Expo - pet 1
Yeah, it's boring in there. I know.


And because everyone is an Azone addict, we also brought some Pureneemos along :D Most of them followed the animal theme. I had Shiri with me (wearing Himeno's stock outfit) and my Tamdoll bunny.

The first shots are taken in a cafe inside - the lightning was terrible ^^; I did what I could, but mehhh...

Pet Expo - Azone 6

Pet Expo - Azone 5

Safir's super cute Lil' Fairy! Can't wait for mine, luckily Amiami already shipped her :3

Pet Expo - Azone 4

Pet Expo - Azone 3

Group shot! Look at the all the cute animal ears <3 (And one Minami-Sensei :P)

Pet Expo - Azone 2

Pet Expo - Azone 1

Lien is bit challenging Azone face for me, but this version, ohhhh nooo...I don't really need any more. I don't!

I had a fun time - thank you, ladies! I must admit that there are also good sides to the fact that Finnish Azone collectors are so few. I can't imagine attending an event with 20-30 BJD people xD;

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Thrilling frills

Whew, the last weekend was busy, but definitely in the good way <3 I have more doll stuff coming up, but here are some more outdoor photos I took on Saturday. The weather was sunny and warm, and I've been waiting to be able to photograph Meital's new frills from Angell-studio outside. Finally the ground was dry enough!

Thrilling frills 1

Thrilling frills 2

Thrilling frills 3

Thrilling frills 4

I got her some extra hands from Sadol <3 (She has their Love60 body). They were bit challenging to switch though :/ This is my favourite pair, I love the shy look they give ^^

Thrilling frills 5

Thrilling frills 6

I'm quite happy with the spot I found - near our home but yet very isolated and calm. I guess I'll visit there often now :D Hope you liked the photos <3

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A little mouse's adventure

Happy (very belated :D) Easter to everyone! I spent mine with my family, eating chocolate eggs, knitting and watching anime. I did have a doll with me - I had packed Griselda (Bluefairy Strawberry Didi) with me as I haven't yet photographed her with her new Dollwig wig. So here are some photos!

I can't say it was the easiest outdoor shooting, though ^^; The weather was chilly, occasional freezing raindrops, and Gris is like a noodle. I'm so lazy at restringing my dolls, but I really should do something about it even though I really dislike stringing tiny dolls...

A little mouse adventure 1

Haha, she reminds me of Little My from the Moomins now xD Well, suits her spunky little character.

A little mouse adventure 2

I would have liked to photograph more by this small creek, but the water seemed freezing and I didn't want to drop myself, Gris or my camera in there xP I must return in the summer, definitely!

A little mouse adventure 3

A little mouse adventure 4

A little mouse adventure 5

A little mouse adventure 6

As you can see, the lake behind her is still totally frozen. Ah, I miss summer...I do like outdoor photography, but it's much nicer when you don't need to freeze your fingers and knees while crawling in the forest :P

Monday, April 6, 2015

Yay, Kotori!

Uh oh. It isn't easy, this hobby, I tell you. Once you follow fellow doll hobbyists, they start posting even more cute stuff. Like Azones. And I got four. And Nendoroids. I may have bought some :D And then lots of other cute anime figures. And uh oh, then I kinda lost it when I visited Amiami's blog xD;

(Photo from Amiami's blog)

Love Live is a popular series amongst Finnish Azone people right away - I watched the first season from Crunchyroll during the Easter holidays and I must admit I really liked it. Yep, I know, it's a light-hearted anime about idols, but it's very well-made one. The characters were good (okay, I found some girls bit annoying but nobody was TOO much), the animation was pretty and the plot was well-thought too. The music was happy, and I liked the girls' costumes. So what else do you really need? Not everything needs to be so damn serious all the time xD

So as I came across this in Amiami's blog, I just...I dunno. It clicked. It didn't matter if it's bit on the expensive side, it's my favourite of the girls (I like Kotori, Nozomi and Eli the most ^^) and her appearance is awesome. I love the combination of turquoise and gold, her single striped sock, that crown, heck, I don't care, where's that preorder option...

So I got her to start off a small figure collection <3 Luckily I am quite picky, but I thought I could get a few of my favourite characters. I'm sure I'm already a lost case with my resin crew, so little bit of pretty sparkly plastic surely does no further harm, right? :P

But isn't she just pretty? *3* And her style is very much something my dolls would wear!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lila's arrival

The collection

Today's the day when my Azone duo became a trio! Okay, the photo up there totally spoils who's the third girl xD I really like this box design and those adorable portraits.

The bunny girl

Here is Lila, Classic Alice Tick Tock Rabbit Himeno (Straight Smile Version) <3 Whew, Azone dolls have long names xD;

The bunny girl II

The quality of her dress is just superb. All those tiny pintucks ;3; Even though this outfit isn't maybe exactly anyone's style here, I'm still keeping it. And that teeny-tiny clock necklace, awwww!

The bunny girl III

I really like her expression, even if it may be bit blank. Her character is an eccentric mori girl who lives under a fir tree and speaks with metaphors and riddles, so it suits her very well. Let's say her character's greatest inspiration was the anime Paranoia Agent, so uhm, yep. Works.

Heya, cousin

Shiri: "Heya there. Cute outfit. I'll take it."
Lila: "Three brown mice ate all the seeds."

Since they're from the same series, I thought Shiri and Lila might be cousins. And yep, they have bit of an odd relationship xD

Happy doll day here <3

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Little Wolf Koron - I want!

...okay, she's not even released yet, but I think I found a fourth girl which I very much want xD

Image from :)

So Azone is releasing Koron, which is a doll I very much like, with that cute :3 - expression, and with silver hair and just lovely light eyes <3

I've been looking at Koron for a while to see if there is a version which "clicks" and with reasonable price. (Well, what is reasonable...I'd rather not pay 300+ dollars for an Azone, sorry! I know this sounds silly coming from a BJD collector.)

But here's a good package! I thought I should try to get some variety amongst them, but oh well, I just love silver hair, and her stock outfit looks awesome too. That wolf hat really got me, it's so cute and derpy at the same time <3 I know it would really suit Lila, my Tick Tock Rabbit Himeno, who will be an eccentric forest girl.

Of all the upcoming Pureneemo releases, luckily this one is the only one I need, so my wallet seems safe for a while. So, anyone else planning to get some new releases? :P