Monday, June 29, 2015

Hype that con

The last weekend I attended Hypecon in Hyvinkää accompanied by some nice doll friends <3 As I predicted, I didn't find much for me in the actual program, but it's okay! The event seemed to be targeted to younger people anyway. But everything was neatly organized, the sale tables were good and I had fun hanging with doll people, chitchatting and walking in random places xD Yeah, I've apparently become one of those dreaded con visitors that just come to cons to HANG AROUND. At least we didn't sit on the stairs blocking everyone, I think...

As expected I have tons of doll photos of course xD; The dolls in photos belong to me, Tiinyan, Safir, Sargonnas and Jaya. Lots of cute Azones ahead, again:

Hypecon 1

Hypecon 2

Hypecon 3

Alpaca stalker, oh no.

Hypecon 4

Sweet sweet Nina ;3; One day, I swear!

Hypecon 5

Tiinyan's cute Mamachapp doll. They have the sweetest faces.

Hypecon 6

It's funny - at first I didn't like Lien's face at all but right now I'm sure I'll add some version of her to my collection. Ah, why am I on a limited budget right now...

Hypecon 7

Hypecon 8

Hypecon 9

Hypecon 10


My souvenir

And finally my souvenir, Ultimate Madoka Nendoroid, yay! One booth had a nice selection of Madoka stuff which I don't complain - Madoka is my favourite anime and Madoka herself my favourite magical girl ever ;3; So I can own trillion versions of her, right? xD I still want that yukata version as well.

Let's say all the Nendoroids were priced for an expensive side compared to what they cost online, but this one is a wanted one. I paid 50 euros for her which is an okay price. I would have had to pay about the same had I got her online for a regular Nendoroid price + shipping and customs ^^ So you can sometimes make good deals as of course the shopkeepers can't follow what's the actual market price for each and every figure out there xD Well, that's collecting for you!


Things will be bit more quiet here as we're leaving for a small trip soon. I will be traveling in Sweden with my hubby and his family and then go to visit my own family in my old hometown :) So see you after that o7 I will take a doll and my camera along of course!

Friday, June 19, 2015

A midsummer rose

Happy Midsummer! We're spending it home relaxing and chilling - hubby is playing his games, I'm knitting and watching anime. That's just how wild we are, apparently :P I've been having hectic times at work, so this is just fine <3

Today we did take a walk along the seashore in Eastern Helsinki, enjoying the sea and the nature. I stopped by a quiet beach to snap some photos of Malva (Pipos Ringo) that I had brought along :3

By the sea

By the sea II

Whispering things


She finally got her own eyes from Souldoll.You may not see it very well, but there's a picture of a rose in them <3 Souldoll acrylics are really nice, it's just a hassle to get them because you'll need to either pay for EMS or arrange a group order which I'm so lazy to do xP And it's hard to make those orders because almost everything small is always sold out there...Luckily Sarqq came to the rescue so we both got some eyes, yay!


The next weekend it's Hypecon which I'm planning to attend. I haven't been in anime conventions since ages, so it's quite exciting! Hopefully there is something for an old granny like me who loves mostly magical girls and other lighthearted silly stuff xD;

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I got tagged couple of times in Instagram for this xD Memes are fun but I don't like typing with my mobile phone, so I thought to post my answers here :3


2) Im, Doll-Chateau Zora.

3) Aegis, Angelregion Ami. He's been with me since 2006, yay!

4) If you look at my doll shelf, it's Bluefairy and Soom.

5) Ehm, I dunno. Some cheaper companies make rather derpy dolls, but if they make their owner happy, who am I to judge?

6) Bluefairy PF Didi in tan skin and YES ;3;

7) Ehm, in what? I really like how Bluefairy makes and styles their dolls, so I guess that's it.

8) Everything and anything! Japanese street fashions, cute stuff, anime, video games, fantasy, Internet...hehe.

9) I really like the crafty stuff and photography. And the really nice and warm spirit which we have amongst doll blogs and Instagram these days, THANKS! <3

10) When people try to justify recasts with really bad arguments, aaargh. Fickle people. And the fact that you need to restring your dolls :B

I tag everyone who hasn't done this yet!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

A small wandarer

Whew, so tired x_x I went for a hike in Nuuksio National Park with my husband. I'm no big fan of sports, but I've always loved walking in the nature. Actually most of my doll and other stories are composed while walking outdoors :P Today was sunny, not too many mosquitos and not even very crowded - so it was a perfect day to spend outside!

I took my camera and Lila (Himeno) with me. Lila is finally complete as she got new shoes and stockings from QMagicdoll <3 Her knitted sweater and bowtie are made by me, and the skirt is from Coolcat. As her character is an odd and eccentric forest girl, she fit very well in the forest:

A small wandarer

A small wandarer 2

White moor flower

A small wandarer 3

A small wandarer 5

A small wandarer 6

A small wandarer 10

A small wandarer 7

A small wandarer 8

A small wandarer 9

We ended up walking about nine kilometres, climbing up and down hills with tons of tree roots and stones. I think I've deserved my falafels and ice cream xD But it was very fun and luckily there's still plenty of summer left, so I hope I can have more outdoor adventures and doll photoshoots!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

A birthday party in Turku

Last Sunday we drove to Turku with Luna and Xaya to attend a BJD meetup <3 Or actually Luna drove as I have no license xD;

The meetup was arranged to celebrate the 10th anniversary of our local BJD forum, Hartsilapset. Oh how the time flies! Although it has quieted down a LOT (I think all internet forums are slowly dying thanks to social media), it's still an important place to me. I wasn't able to participate in my own town's meetup because of my job, so luckily I got this chance.

Before the actual meet we ate some "brunch" in McDonalds - did you know that their ice frappes are actually really good? ^w^ Although the ice makes my throat ache so much xD

Then it was time to do some small shopping! We visited Muovitukku which is a general huge store selling mostly plastic stuff, toys, supplies and who-knows-what. I bought myself some small toys, craft supplies and tiny storage boxes. Near Muovitukku there was also Jättirätti (literally "Giant Rag", haha :D), an awesome large fabric store ;3; I have so much fabric and so little time to sew that I did my best to hold back, but I did find some nice thin cotton fabric and very thin pink cotton laces. I'm especially happy about the laces because I'm very picky about the lace I use xD

After some quick grocery shopping we arrived at the meetup place and had a jolly time <3 The organizers had really put an effort to all kinds of decorations! Although I still find it bit hard to mingle in larger crowds, I had a great time chatting away and meeting new people. It seems my little Kiku (Pukifee Luna) did her best to corrupt people into getting Pukifees, haha xD

When the meetup ended, we stole Minnake and went to eat some Chinese food in the city center in China and Thai. Yummy! I always choose tofu and/or veggies in Asian restaurants, I have some strange prejudices about their meat products although there is absolutely no reason to :D This time I picked a dish with veggies and cashew nuts which was very tasty <3

And then we drove home, happy and tired. It was a fun trip, and I definitely want to attend meetups in other towns as well in the future. Now with cheap bus lines it's not even that expensive, so who wants to come along the next time xD


Doll party in Turku

Of course I took photos as well :3 First off are our AR / Bluefairy boys and their strange friends.

Turku BJD Meetup

Turku BJD Meetup

Turku BJD Meetup

Turku BJD Meetup

Gorgeous eyes!

Turku BJD Meetup

Turku BJD Meetup

Turku BJD Meetup

"Wo-HOOOO!" I think Antti has had bit too much juice :P

Turku BJD Meetup

Turku BJD Meetup

Some of my own participants. Pip's legs look broken thanks to that lamb suit - it's cute but so thick she's not able to pose at all ^^;

Turku BJD Meetup

Croak croak! Cute froggy <3

Turku BJD Meetup

My Kiku wasn't the only tanned little bobblehead around xD This cutie is actually from Withdoll although I was sure she's a Lati.

Turku BJD Meetup

Turku BJD Meetup

Alpaca alpaca alpaca alpaca...

Turku BJD Meetup

Turku BJD Meetup

Awww, this little one! Could have taken her home *3*

That's all for now! Hope to see everyone again ^3^