Sunday, March 20, 2016

My precious protector

My precious protector

I picked up a new wig for Meital yesterday <3 Her old ones are so worn out, so I got her a new shiny one from For my doll. The wig quality and colour are superb! Of course there is hair everywhere, but it can't be avoided in these kind of wigs xD (I use a soft baby brush + water spray can to tame it.)

So I wanted to snap some shots with her and her kitty, Malva, who also has new stuff from Ylang Garden ^^

My precious protector II

My precious protector III

My precious protector IV

Playtime for Malva! <3


A little info about their characters: Malva is not actually a cat, nor her real name is Malva. She's a seraph who was left behind and forgotten in an ancient great war. I haven't yet found out how she came to live with Meital, but I know she truly and geniously loves Meital. That's why she looks like a little mint green kitten, because she takes her physical form from her mistress's wishes :D Well, she doesn't complain, I think she's perfectly happy as a little cute cat ;3