Saturday, May 25, 2013

What's up?


Here she is, the mysterical trade doll I spoke about earlier! If you don't recognize her, she's Pipos Dreaming Mari with default face up. I decided to call her Hiu. She'll likely lose her face up and get a new one, and her wig is on its way from South Korea. Then she needs some clothes, she has nothing at the moment. She's wearing one of my hats though that I'm making for this year's Ldoll festival. Yep, I'm participating again with my sale stuff! This may be the last year though.

Flickr's new layout has caused quite the ruckus. I just purchased a pro account for two years, so I will continue to use it just as I've used to. I use it to host photos on this blog and forum(s), it would be quite the hassle to switch. I personally don't think the new layout is an improvement, but it's okay, it works and I can upload and share photos. And with this "upgrade" their uploader started to work with my computer, so I'm fine <3 Actually I was more pissed off when Flickr all randomly froze part of my photostream and I had to switch to pro account just to get my photos working again. And they didn't reappear but I had to manually go through gazillion forum posts and re-type the codes. Grah, THAT sucked!

On a happier news I found a body to my Notdoll Ligaya head <3 The first part is already paid, I'm doing a small layaway. I found a white-skinned Notdoll lady body from DOA and with a good price tag, so I'm checking this one out. We'll see how it works, I heard that Notdoll's resins can vary but at least the neck size should work. And I had some crazy plans to get the head on a totally different body, so if the resins fail, I have a great plan B ;3

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Owl amongst the anemones

These are the results of my walk today. I didn't end up going to the spot I originally planned because we already took a long walk with my spouse and a friend this morning. But I did find a pretty anemone field nearby, so I got some photos. There are white anemones everywhere, a sure sign of summer approaching <3

Can you spot me?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

New winds are blowing

Circus princess

The move is almost done, today we visited Ikea for some new home items. The next stop is of course having housewarming parties! Between moving, looking for jobs and attending my current one, there has been very little dolly time. I've knitted few things, and that's basically it. However I bought new pair of running shoes and thought that if the weather's good, I'd go for a longer walking trip and take some doll photos in totally new settings. I discovered a rather magical-looking forest spot one day, hopefully I'll find it again xD I'm probably taking Pio with me since her character is a forest spirit and it feels silly photographing her indoors.

In the doll crew I must report a small change, I ended up not bonding very well with Catsy :< Since these days selling BJDs is so slow and hard (I still have some Soom special legs no one wants, maybe I should hang them to our ceiling lamp?) I went for a trade. One little cat out, and one...well, you'll see ;) It's a mold I've always liked.

It seems I still need to find my perfect anthro doll. I'm very, very picky, many anthro dolls just creep me out. Oh well, it's not that I need to own every kind of BJD there is...:P