Saturday, February 28, 2015

Whoops, what's this?

Well oh well. I surely wasn't expecting this - when I went to pick up parcels from the post office, one of them was quite large. "What's in here" I wondered before remember that yeah, I had ordered Zora from Doll Chateau before Christmas. There was no notice about her shipment, so well, she kinda caught me by surprise xD

Lace fairy

Here she's almost straight from the box! So pretty *3* I named her Im.


With makeup and some customizations.


Tiny and fragile

And a comparison shot with Hilde, my Soom Yrie. Im is so small and fragile compared to her! (And Hilde is so yellow but let's not care about that xP She's old.)

I decided to give faceupping a go as it feels like the local faceup artists are not very active at the moment - hey, cannot blame anyone, I too rather concentrate on my IRL stuff and my own dolls :D So I thought I could start doing at least simple blushings and faceups myself. I'm not the best out there and I have no skills with acrylics yet, but I want to learn ^3^ Luckily Zora has very strong features and her character is a spirit, so I didn't have to try anything complicated :D

The next stop - some proper clothing for her!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pastel boys

Hecate's boys (okay, they need a better title!) got finally some hair - and of course it means photo time! Sadly the photos aren't very good this time. I should have dragged out my tripod and some extra lights, as it is a dark, rainy day outside :/

Fallen star

The horned one

The horned one II

Sahitun's wig is from bycaptainpanda. I originally planned this for Shimral but alas, it didn't fit :/ Spiritdolls apparently have bit larger heads, and because this is made with glue, the cap doesn't really stretch. Oh well, it works with Sahi as well <3 It's so soft, I could just play with it for hours xD

The moon's son

Luckily I got another new wig so Shimral doesn't have to go bald. Grey skin is so easy - any pastel shade works! He also has some new trinkets, from Iplehouse and a human-sized moon necklace from Ebay which I just shortened for doll-size xP

I originally planned that these two could be brothers, but that doesn't really work because they don't really look like it when they're together >_> Heliot's head is bit on the small side as well, compared to the rest of Hecate's crew (Shimral, Liduse, Amita). I may switch Sahitun to another mold in the future if I find a nice one and have the funds. Or if anyone wants to trade a romantic Heliot to a fantasy boy with a larger head, let's discuss it xD;

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A kitty birthday party!

What a perfect light today, so good that I was already shooting dolls before 9:00 AM :D Well, it's the best time because the rising sun hits our home then and there is light everywhere. And I wake up at 6:00 AM on weekdays anyway because of my job, so it's not too hard to get up early on weekends as well.

I had to take some photos of a recent knitting commission anyway, so I played with my kitty BJDs a little bit.

Happy birthday!

The setup. These are Re-ments I bought from Japan, I think the series is called Hello Kitty Birthday Party.

"Oooh, can I have?"

Rose kitten

Malva's new dress is from Kuloft who has plenty of beautiful stuff - I could take some of his/her Blythe dresses when I have some funds again...


A comparison between Malva and my other cat doll, Mr. Paw (Camellia Dynasty's Wong). I don't photograph him a lot, but there he is! Not that he minds though - he seems the happiest when he gets to sleep in Meital's lap. I did make him a new bell collar though.

Cats on the table

And the reality. Not that cats would really have table manners, right?

p.s. Of course I forgot to add the watermark and noticed it after I already uploaded these everywhere ^^; Well, I'm too lazy to take everything down and re-add them, so let's just play nice with these, right? :3

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bit sad

After reading the DA journals of two fellow Finnish BJD hobbyists, I felt like googling up my most popular doll photos to see where they have ended up. To my disappointment, I found them too in some blogs and other places, uncredited and no link back :<

You are very free to share my work, of course, that's why I post it on Tumblr and other sites. Hey, more people see it, more people come for more, more people go to my Etsy and buy my stuff, right :D I fully appreciate every appropriate reblog and the fact that you like my dolls <3

But this works ONLY if the credit is there, and it seems this is not always the case. Surely nobody means any real harm, but please remember it takes time and effort to take photos, they just don't magically appear from thin air for your viewing pleasure. I know that places like Pinterest and Tumblr are full of pretty pictures and it's so easy to get lost in them, collect and re-post...but the link to the original creator / source is what counts. So that people can come for more, appreciate the effort and support the original artists.

I have so much photos online it would be next to impossible to edit them, but for the future, I will add a small watermark to my doll photos. (Hopefull nobody crops it off ^^;) And please remember I have an own doll Tumblr - just reblog my doll stuff from there, it's there exactly for that reason!

Luckily this one hasn't gone out of hand yet, thanks to all you nice and sensible people out there <3

Lots of hair

Light purple

Light purple

Shua's current look, inspired heavily by fairy kei and decora. Thanks, Tumblr! Her massive and adorable purple mohair wig is from Milly, and I love it. It's so thick it's really easy to style. I've been wondering if I should make a simple "tutorial" of styling mohair wigs. Well, more like giving ideas how to tame them with hair clips and rubber bands :D

And speaking of massive mohair wigs...


"The Queen" (she hates to be called one though, she's bit weird) got a new hair from Natrume. Her afro is fun too but she really cannot wear hair accessories or hairdos with it. I like the volume, the quality and the colour, but the extra length comes from strips of mohair pelt and their edges show easily unless you carefully hide them. Well, I don't know if it is possible to make this wig any other way, lining the extensions would make this one massive as it would mean the amount of fur doubling ^^; I'm fine with how it is, just wanted to share my thoughts ^^

And of course Hecate looks awesome <3

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Milky fairies!

Have you noticed what Bluefairy is planning to release? Oh my, how cute! They're vinyl versions of Roa, Minimay and Jimmy on Obitsu bodies. I've eyed Azone dolls a little bit, but I think these might be more my thing as I love Bluefairy face sculpts *w* I hope that Bluefairy opens the preorder soon so I could order one or two. Minimay (the caramel-haired one) is probably a must xD

(Jos joku suomalainen on myös kiinnostunut, voisi toki harkita yhteistä tilausta postikuluissa säästämiseen <3 Näiden Suomensisäiset postikulutkin varmaan vielä ihan kohtuulliset olisivat...)