Saturday, July 13, 2013

This year's first dolly picnic

The best kind of summer BJD meetups are definitely picnics! Today we had a small one in Vantaa near Heureka science center. We were not many, but sometimes it's fun to have smaller meet ups. That way you are "forced" to interact with everyone. We ate treats and snacks (I brought grapes and waffles) and talked about dolls and everything else. The weather was super nice, and we found a perfect spot near the river in the shade of trees.

Hiu with candy

I had Hiu with me, because I was lazy to carry anyone else. The photo's taken with my new iPhone which has an okay camera, no?

A fun day!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fluff-headed adventurer

Lochesh II

One more big boy in the house, yes. I know I shouldn't, but I do it anyway! Hopefully he'll be the last :P

He's Immortality of Soul Hiro, called Lochesh or just Lock, Meital's and Niko's big brother in my stories. Very kind, innocent and socially awkward adventurer. You can see more photos of him in my Flickr.

(Sheesh I dislike that Yahoo bar up there since I haven't used Yahoo for over ten years. Go away!)

BJD world is so quiet these days, is it because of summer or is everyone bored of this hobby already? I know I am a little bit, so I thought to concentrate on other things on my summer holiday and see if I still feel like selling part of my collection. Yes, I have some dolls that could use a better home, but I'll see if it's just this summer heat and autumn will bring me more inspiration.

At least I decided that right now I will not buy more dolls unless something terribly extraordinary comes up. We've planned a huge dream trip with my husband for the next summer, South Korea and Japan, and I really need to save up! I also need new eyeglasses and that kind of stuff. Here's me knocking on wood, knock knock.