Saturday, January 31, 2015

You're mine.

Mismatched, perfect


"Let me fix your hair."

You're mine.

I visited my friend Illves today to take a small shoot of our two big BJD boys - now that they are finally in the same space xD The poses are nothing grand as they're not very easy to pose, at least my Iplehouse boy :B But I kinda like how secretive, tender and private the photos turned out. Characterwise they tend to keep a low profile about their relationship - it's something just for them two. Their relationship is quite stormy and emotional, but yet perfect. My own personal favourite couple!

Adriel is my Iplehouse Bichun in tan skin.
Jericho is a Switch / Granado hybrid.

Lots of love for these boys <3

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The white prince

Sahitun, my Soom Heliot, is getting almost complete! He'll get another wig which fits better with the colours of his makeup, but the rest is done. He has a pretty face up from Jellyfish Faces and of course lots of extra bling and glitter from yours truly.


Sahitun II

The white prince

(With lashes and some face tattoos added.), he didn't turn out as the most masculine doll out there, but who cares? :D Characterwise he is Shimral's "brother" - they're both demigods born of people's believes so they don't really have parents. Where Shim is the reason and the wisdom, Sahitun is the emotion, the sexuality, the love and everything hot, irrational, crazy and tempting. But he has a good heart, he's just another size of the same coin. Why the horn, though? It could symbolize that he, uh, he is the god of lovemaking. Or then he just think it's fashionable.

It's fun to own Heliot again after all these years :D He's a fun sculpt, not my most beloved ever, but Heliot head is basically the only one which works with my Supergem body. And I was lazy to sell it as SD-sized dolls are very difficult to sell these days on Finnish BJD community. So Sahitun was born of this laziness, and I don't really regret it. Hecate is thrilled to have two cute boys now ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

January crafts

Nothing grande though - my daily job started, and it naturally takes most of my time and energy. And after a long day at work, I still have household chores and other things to care for. Ah, the joy of being an adult...and of course if I have some extra time on weekdays, I'll continue my adventure in Dragon Age ;P

But I've made some things for the dolls:

Butterfly with spikes

A spiked hairband for Liduse, inspired by pastel goths. This wasn't very hard, but pulling the rubber string through the beads took their toll on my hands >_> (The string had to be quite thick so that the whole thing is sturdy enough). Well, what do they say, no pain, no gain...

Meow in mint

And a commission through Etsy for a mint-coloured kitty hat in Jun Ai / Pocketfairy size. Suits Griselda so well that she might get her own too ^^

To my displeasure it seems that both my Pocketfairy girls need new strings...graah. I really don't like restringing, especially small BJDs, but they are getting quite hopeless. Could they just magically do it themselves? Pretty please?

Edit: I've been trying to improve my blog's labels because right now they are just a mess, but Blogger doesn't make it very easy :<

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Shared, cared


I don't know exactly how this happened, but yes, apparently I own a special-skinned SD boy now too :D No excuses except he is very pretty. His name is Shimral, and he is Hecate's advisor. A demigod representing the night, the darkness and all things logical and cold. He has a brother, Sahitun (my Soom Heliot) who's the day, the sun, the emotion and such. Shimral is by no means evil, but he has difficulties understanding emotions, sexuality and love. He is the sense if his brother is the sensibility.

Whoops, sorry for the blabber...his doll form is Spiritdoll Dark, by the way.


I first thought that he could have just a casual relationship with his mistress, just because she's a hot lady who likes pretty boys. But as I took this shoot, well, there is definitely lots of everything else involved. Hecate is a complex character full of layers like an onion, but one thing is sure - her heart is very lonely, and there has never been anyone truly in it. Maybe that will change?

The pictures are slightly NSFW in nature so I placed them behind a cut. (Trust me, thanks to Spiritdoll "special parts" they could be much worse though xD).

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Winter holidays - random

What a treat - I have a long winter vacation (two weeks, yay) <3 I've spent it mostly by playing Dragon Age: Inquisition though. Damn that game is addicting! I play an elven mage guy who to no one's surprise ended up with Dorian. Dorian is my favourite. Oh come one, a posh Freddie Mercury mage guy, how could you not love him to bits...

Ahem, and back to the actual topic. I've managed to snap some doll photos also during my vacation, so here we go:

A pink magpie

I got this wig originally for my Heliot, but no, didn't work out. So I gave it to Kr├╝mlen because he has no style sense anyway, and he looks quite cute with it.

Cookie thieves

Cookie thieves Aegis and Pio!

Warm winter

Aegis' knitted socks. 1.5mm knitting needles / Kid mohair / pattern from here.

Not cold


And finally some outdoor snaps of Meital. Had to take my chance when we still had some snow + not too cold weather for my DSLR :) I switched her feet to those high heel ones, and now she's very sturdy. Love it!

Now this is a doll-ful start for 2015. Hope to keep this up <3