Monday, December 23, 2013


Also known as "all the things people have ever asked of me of BJDs":

What exactly are these dolls?

Modern (Asian) ball-jointed dolls, cast in resin, strung with elastic. Wikipedia helps, there is also Den of Angels which contains all the info you could ever need of BJDs.

Can you help me getting a BJD?

I can point you to the sources of information and answer specific questions, yes. I cannot order a doll for you or borrow my Paypal, some things you'll just have to learn to do yourself.

Do you create these dolls yourself?

Oh I wish I could! Yes, they are handmade but I'm not the one who's able to sculpt and cast these, actually I cannot sculpt at all. I style my dolls, choose their wigs and eyes, get their face ups done by Finnish artists usually and sew / knit / crochet clothes and accessories.

How many dolls do you have?

Eep. 30.

How on Earth do you fund this hobby?

Well my finances are my finances, but I have a full-time job and no other big expenses. I also get some income from my Etsy business which I usually use to buy accessories for my dolls. I'm very strict with my money and live on a very planned budget which gives me freedom to spend the remaining money as I see fit :)

What else are you interested in?

I have no other expensive hobbies, luckily, phew. I'm interested in sci-fi, fantasy, Asian cultures, video games, RPGs and so on. If I'm not playing with dolls, I'm usually watching Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Korean TV dramas and so on.

Do you think your dolls are "alive"?

Well, not really. Most of them have characters that I've created inside my head, but the doll is just a doll. They are of course very valuable so I treat them carefully, but I have no problem leaving them naked and in unflattering positions if needed xP I don't carry them around because I think that's bit, ehhm, strange, and I never talk to them.

But they do have names?

Yes, they all have a name. Most of them have what we call "the character" - the doll form represents a character that I RPG with or have created for doll stories or just for fun. They help me with styling and stuff, and of course it's fun to create things since I consider myself a creative person.

An adult playing with dolls? Shouldn't you get some more mature hobbies?

Thanks for your concern, but I think collecting valuable artistic objects that make you do creative things IS very mature and adultlike.

What do you think of recasts?

I cannot support them since I've never seen a single doll artist being fine with his / her work being recast and sold. If you see an original artist giving you a permission buying one, well, then I guess you may, but I have high doubts anyone would be OK with that. Let me know if you come across one, then I may change my mind ;P

All for now <3

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Daddy's little girl

I took some snaps of Apsu and Lochesh, my daughter-and-father - pair. Apsu returned from jesmo's face up spa and is looking like, well, herself.

Apsu up close

Daddy with her daughter

What does the duck say?

They are so cute *3* Just missing the mom, but her doll form should get completed the next year, hopefully. (She's not my doll.) Then we can take cute family photos, and maybe I could share a little bit about the characters too. They are from our RPG "The Line" which is basically uh, just me and my friend having fun with our (doll) characters.

I dunno if this is interesting, but Lochesh is Meital's big brother so Apsu is her niece. I should take more family photos :)

I probably also should look for new eyes for Apsu. She currently has a pair of Soom silicone eyes which are somehow...odd, I dunno. She probably would look much better with urethane eyes, I hope.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Light for the dark season

The days are getting shorter and much darker as we are approaching winter solstice. I love winter, but  the lack of light is very depressing. So I decided to buy some new photography equipment just to be able to photograph more:

Light in the dark

I bought a cheap foldable light box from Ebay (similar to this one) and a better tripod. This is probably the best I can do now: daylight is always daylight, but I cannot control the sun.

Liduse is my current favorite, she's so eerie and strange, yet very beautiful. Too bad that Notdoll seems to be out of business, they had so fun and different dolls. Her body is very wonky and odd, but it's okay and has nice proportions. And her skin tone (crystal rose) is very pretty, a sort of pinkish white with grey shade, very unique! Her "default" wig arrived too from Mini Fairy Tale; the quality is very nice.

I'm very happy to have this girl <3

p.s. I listed a new hat to my Etsy store. Sorry about not-so-good photos, we're having a snowstorm outside and it's dark :<

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Meital's new body: Sadol / Little Monica hybrid ahead!

I recently bought myself Sadol's Dal-Ha from a fellow hobbyist, because, well, do I really need a reason? xD; She is damn pretty, and her body is to die for. And she has squinty eyes, and I needed another SD girl for my story project. I haven't yet paid her in full and she lacks the perfect wig, so no photos, but I did snatch away her body for Meital.

Warning, naked doll under the cut!