Sunday, July 15, 2012

The butterfly lady

Photo © Soom

Uh, did I say that I don't like Soom Supergem females? I maybe did, but oh well, I'm very quick to change my mind :P When Epidia was released, at first it seemed that nobody liked her very much. I first read the comments, then went to Soom's site to check her out, and to my surprise, I found her quite personal and lovely. And then I did something that always leads to bad things, I started thinking if she was my doll, what would I do with her....

And all right, I managed to come up with a style, a story and a character which are all now very much alive in my head, and so I ordered her <3 No, she won't be a vampire xD (I've never cared about vampires.) A tragic nightmere lady with tons of black butterflies, an old diva who is sad, bitter, dignified, beautiful and little crazy. I've already stocked up some sewing supplies for her, black, violet and gold with ethnic/Indian influences - and yes, I ordered her my most expensive pair of doll shoes. Almost 60 dollars for a single pair of doll shoes + shipping? Yeah, I'm quite crazy. But they're so stylish, they remind me of Alexander Macqueen *_*

One payment to go! I just need to find her a perfect name xD