Thursday, May 29, 2014

Now in Blythe size as well!

Just a quick announcement / promotion this time:

Blythe sized, yay!

I tried making my hats for Blythes as well, and here's the second try. It's for sale in my Etsy, Sinisade will get to keep the first try which is a wee bit too small. Well, Blythe heads are very interesting in shape, large and oval, so I'm not surprised that the first one failed a little bit.

(I need to make a good introduction post about Sinisade, I know :D Here she is anyway in a pretty Licca dress. She's a fun and cute doll <3 )

Friday, May 23, 2014

Hanami 2014

Roihuvuori's annual Hanami party was held the last Sunday, and I attended with some dolly friends and Asia nerds. It was quite the success - the weather was nice and sunny, and the trees still had some blossoms in them. In fact the weather was a bit too good to my liking, I left early because it was so hot and I'm allergic to birches. It was quite crowded too, and I spotted many cute yukatas and lolitas <3

Cherry blossoms again

Cherry trees

Black bunnies

Cute doll jewelry made by my friend Gwen! Of course I had to snatch some, because I'm a sucker for this stuff :D

Pastel-y pair

And her equally cute and adorable dolls. There was a time when I really wanted to own Minoruworld's Leila (these days she's a Bluefairy girl!), and looking at this picture...but oh no. I don't really need to own all possible BJDs, right? She's still so very to my liking, so be still, my heart.

Tiny yukatas

My little participants. They don't have proper obis or getas since I ran out of time and just couldn't find reasonably-priced little getas for them - I just found Azone's stuff. It's very good quality and I try not be a cheapskate, but 32 euros for a pair of tiny shoes...ehm. Anyone have tips where to get bit cheaper Blythe-sized geta shoes?

I have no excuse for the lack of nice cotton obis though. Darn, an obi is basically just a long rectangle of fabric, how it was so hard to make them? xP I guess I was just lazy this time.

The yukatas are some cheap Japanese fashion doll stuff that I shortened and tidied. There were threads everywhere, some stitches just came loose and they had the lousiest obis with cheap velcro ever. Oh well, they were cheap and the print is nice anyway.

Overall it was a fun day, and it's always nice to meet fellow dolly people <3

Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Japanese feeling

Cherry blossoms I

Some time ago me, Xaya and another friend joined forces and went together to shoot dolls in Roihuvuori's Japanese-style garden. I've visited the cherry park before to celebrate Hanami and will likely attend this year as well if the weather is nice. The garden was very nice, even if the weather wasn't really our friend - it was quite chilly and rainy :/ Luckily we did manage to get some photos before it started to rain:

Spirit of the well

A pretty fence

Girl with antlers

Two shy forest dwellers

That lovely troll boy is a friend's Bluefairy boy who made friends with Idris. They are two shy forest creatures after all.

Afterwards we were so cold and thirsty that we drove to a nearby shopping centre for refreshments:

A sweet treat

Hot coffee and this delicious thing - a white chocolate cake filled with raspberries and sour cream. I'm not a big fan of overly sweet treats, but I'm a sucker for sour things mixed with sweetness. This tasted just as good as it looked.

Cherry blossoms II

And on my way home I spotted such nice cherry blossoms in our neighbourhood. The trees back in Roihuvuori were still blossoming, but this tree was blooming already really prettily. Too bad that it was behind a fence, so I didn't dare to try and put a doll up there. Oh well, it's not likely that the branches would have held a MSD anyway....

It was a good day and definitely inspired me to try to have more photography adventures in the future. I live in an area where we have lots of different cool places anyway <3

Hopefully the next post will be about the actual Hanami party!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring knittings in pastels

I recently finished a bigger commission where I was asked to knit three hats in various sizes (1/4, 1/6, tiny). The commissioner chose the colour schemes from my yarns and I picked the decorations:

Turquoise for MSDs

Mint green for tinies

Pink for YO-SDs


Pink for MSDs

I did one extra as well as I had lots of time on my Easter holiday. This was sold on my Etsy quite fast <3

Those rose beads are my current favourite, I bought them from Ebay along with lots of other beads. These days I buy almost all my beads and jewelry-making supplies from there as Chinese sellers offer them very cheap and the selection is massive.


And as I had a setup ready, I snapped two extra photos of dear Shua as well:


Bit more casual

Her hoodie is by Xaya and those awesome gradient leggings are from Kawaiimon. These kind of clothes don't really hide the fact that Bluefairy heads are huge, but I don't care, she's still awesome. She has the most casual style of my MSD girls, of course done with pastels. Fairy kei is a huge inspiration, but I'm trying to keep it cool and together. I don't know what her style really is, maybe it's just Fair Children? xP

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Tan dreams and a lavender doll

I've lately been through my own Flickr stream and looking at my Enne (Pukifee Ante version). I miss her at times a lot, she was such a little cutie and posed so well. Too bad that her creamy resin turned into green, and my Pocketfairies kinda stole her place, but yeah.

I've ended up selling all my 16 cms away (Pukifee Ante, Pukifee Luna, Latidoll Lea, Asleep Eidolon Peppermint), but I still think I might want my luck with one in the future. A friend gave me an idea to try a tan Pukifee if Fairyland still releases them in the future :3 That might work well since I really like Pukifees, but I had such bad luck with their WS and I'm trying to concentrate on special resins now. Their tan seems really nice <3 I haven't decided the mold yet, we'll see...

Of course I'm also always interested if Bluefairy releases more tanned Tinyfairies :D There is always space for a tan TF girl in my doll collection.


Image from Hasbro.

I also caved in and ordered a Blythe doll. She's Lavender Hug, and I chose her entirely because she has a pastel hair :P She's already in Finland, so I should recieve her very soon. I ordered her some Licca dresses from Ebay, and I also have some Dollybirds with Blythe patterns <3

I mostly ordered her because I want to make stuff for Blythes as well, and she is really cute. A Jerryberry doll is also on my wishlist, and maybe a Middie Blythe? My Blythe will be called Sinisade which means 'wisteria' in Finnish, chosen because of her hair color of course. I would like to change her eye chips into something cuter, but we'll see if I ever get it done :P

I'm quite excited, it's been years since I last had these big-headed dolls! (I started my doll hobby with Pullip dolls but sold them all away as BJDs came.) I'm glad that I've learned to take it easy with this hobby - not all dolls have to be masterpieces with rich characters and awesome styles and you don't have to hug them everyday and cry with happiness when you see them. You can have dolls which are just cute and have absolutely no other function. That's what Sinisade will be - she won't get a character, she will sit in the shelf when I do other things. But she will be damn cute when she does that!