Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring knittings in pastels

I recently finished a bigger commission where I was asked to knit three hats in various sizes (1/4, 1/6, tiny). The commissioner chose the colour schemes from my yarns and I picked the decorations:

Turquoise for MSDs

Mint green for tinies

Pink for YO-SDs


Pink for MSDs

I did one extra as well as I had lots of time on my Easter holiday. This was sold on my Etsy quite fast <3

Those rose beads are my current favourite, I bought them from Ebay along with lots of other beads. These days I buy almost all my beads and jewelry-making supplies from there as Chinese sellers offer them very cheap and the selection is massive.


And as I had a setup ready, I snapped two extra photos of dear Shua as well:


Bit more casual

Her hoodie is by Xaya and those awesome gradient leggings are from Kawaiimon. These kind of clothes don't really hide the fact that Bluefairy heads are huge, but I don't care, she's still awesome. She has the most casual style of my MSD girls, of course done with pastels. Fairy kei is a huge inspiration, but I'm trying to keep it cool and together. I don't know what her style really is, maybe it's just Fair Children? xP

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