Sunday, November 16, 2014

The moon goddess

Hecate has a new dress for the winter season. This is basically just a rectangle of green and gold fancy jersey fabric, but I did sew decorations and stuff for months when I had some extra time. So everything is hand-sewn...yep, I know. Inspiration came from Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau in general <3 Love those long simple flowy dresses. The materials are mostly sequins and a big moon charm which came from a broken (cheap Chinese) necklace.

Malachite and gold

Malachite and gold II

Malachite and gold III

Just in case someone wonders how she stands so bravely...there is a saddle-shaped doll stand hidden behind her hems xP I couldn't leave her to stand on her own - Epidia's claw hands have the most delicate fingers that need extra protection. Actually I switch to her regular Supergem female hands when she's not in photos, just because I'm very neurotic. I've broken well enough SD-sized hands to know when to be careful!


  1. The colour and fabric are beautiful.

    I am in awe at your patience with hand sewing!

    1. Thank you so much *3* I like to do something with my hands when I watch stuff from the computer :)