Monday, July 20, 2015

Vacation + Liduse

Woop, chilly times <3 I'm still on my vacation and right now I have two weeks of glorious...doing nothing xP Okay, I've settled a few dates to meet friends, but otherwise my days are pretty empty - and I actually really like it! The husband is also away on the other side of the world, so it's just me and the mice.

And what do I do? Well, I watch anime and do doll stuff :D This spring was crazy, so I don't mind this at all, really. I've been trying to sew a lot since I have so little time for that when I'm working. Here's one finished project, a dress for my Liduse (Notdoll Ligaya):


I love her but damn her wonky little body...nothing pre-made fits xD; I've actually taken apart and re-sewn some garments just so that they fit her ^^; This dress is made of raw silk and tulle lace. I wanted to keep it girly and cute like she is - well, with a twist :D


Another one with her "new hair". It's actually two wigs cut, piled together and teased to get her a massive hairdo. (I had two spare ones in bad condition so I thought I could just play with them.)

And back to the sewing table! I'm not running out of things to do, definitely :D

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Grey cardigan

Another minipost time :) I finished a commission for a grey SD-sized sweater and wanted to take couple of "official" shots before giving this to its rightful owner. It's made for Soom's new SG girl body, but I put it on Amita - it was terribly out of character on Hecate, I just couldn't take it xD; So that's why it looks bit large:





I'm quite happy how these pictures turned out, the soft morning light was really on my side this time ^^ These are taken quite early (around 7:30AM) when the whole neighbourhood was still quiet and peaceful. Hopefully you are not bored of outdoor shots yet :D I find it much easier to just grab a doll and camera and walk 20 metres from the front door into the forest than start cleaning our apartment and set up backgrounds and such...I get to do that enough when it's winter, I guess :P

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Twinkle twinkle little eyes

Ah, home sweet home! Our trip went well, but it's so nice to back <3 I really missed my dolls and my computer, hehe. I have photos I took of Tove in Sweden, but editing them takes a little while.





But here's a small update - I finally remembered to buy proper-sized eyes for Kiku from Fel Eyes. I had previously ordered her a pair of 12mm eyes, but they were too large. Now I got her a pair of 10mm ones, and they fit perfectly <3 These are probably the best-looking eyes you can get for 4 euros xD No, seriously, they may be just acrylic but the colours, patterns and themes are really to my liking. You may have noticed I like pastel colours and sparkly things for my dolls xP

I used TB Sourcing Service as the dealer, and everything went well. I especially liked their reasonable mailing options - everything from a standard bulk airmail to EMS/DHL. Their English is occasionally bit clumsy though, and their website loads forever and acts bit odd, but I'm used to it as I've been shopping Asian BJD shops for so long xD;

Hmm, I wonder if any other of my dolls would need new super sparkly eyes?

Edit: Sigh, fighting with Flickr new photo-sharing HTML...this change sucked. Luckily I got 'em to display without frames, titles and whatnot. But please bring back the old system :(