Sunday, October 27, 2013

The last one...

Ready to keep warm!

...well, that sounded almost too dramatic. This is, however, the last photo of Enne in this form as once again I ended selling her. I wonder what it is with me and Lati-sized dolls these days? It's not that I don't like those adorable bobbleheads, far from it. It's just that I find my other tiny dolls so cute that they stay in the shadow. Having a Lati / Pukifee benefits my knitting business though since it's such a popular size. I just don't think that I can own a doll just because it helps me get knitting commissions.

Maybe I'll just keep an open mind and check out new releases, if Lati comes with a special doll that will blow my socks out. I think I want something fantasy-themed, a special skin colour at least :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Etsy update + Bibi says hi!

Brown bear hat

First off, I got back my hats from Ldoll. This year wasn't a huge selling success, but still, thanks to everyone who bought one <3 I listed some remaining hats to my Etsy and will probably add some more as I add more bling into them.

And who is this lovely doe-eyed girl who's wearing that hat?

Bibi says hello

Well, she is Bibi, my new Bluefairy Sarang. Actually she's not that new because she's from 2008, a second hand girl that I spotted from our forum's marketplace for a good deal. I've been eying Sarang a long while and been dreaming of tanned/baked Sarang. As of course it's not guaranteed that Bluefairy will ever release one, I decided to just cave in and buy her in NS for now.

She is such a cute sculpt and apparently stole my Olive's eyes and clothes xP That creamy mori-influenced style works better with her, I think, so I switched their styles. Olive will get something different that I originally ordered for Bibi, and Bibi gets to be that sweet button-eyed forest girl. I think that will suit her very fine <3