Sunday, April 24, 2016

Introducting Hiu!

A slightly belated blog post ahead, but better late than never, no? xD

I recently finished a larger sewing project, so finally I can show some photos of Hiu. She's Pipos Dreaming Mari whom I traded off my Elfdoll Catsy, uh...almost three years ago ^^; Well, it definitely took a while to get her faceupped and completed, but here she is:


Hiu II


Hiu IV

Hiu V

Her dress (apart from the scarf) is made by me - it's complitely handsewn, as that old vintage silk is very fragile. I dyed the border lace with tea and painted those metal wings with nail foils and gloss. No wonder this took a while ^^;

Hope you like her! ^^

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Strawberry milk! (Azone Kikipop arrival)

I preordered this little duck-faced cutie from Amiami almost immendentially when they started taking orders - and got her home last week. She's Vanamo, Kikipop Sunny Bunny Date Ichigo Milk version ^^ Her name means "twinflower" in Finnish, I wanted to give her a Finnish natural name with a pink theme. She is very pink :D

Sweet pink bunny

Sweet pink bunny 2

Sweet pink bunny 3

Sweet pink bunny 4

She'a fun size and very sturdy, I really like her! The only bad thing about her is that she's unable to sit at all xD Her other hip joint bends a little bit (not great) but the other one is just...stuck. Well, I was told that Kikipops can't really sit, so I knew it beforehand ^^ They're super cute and stand very sturdy :-3 She even came with a stand which she doesn't really even need.

I had original plans to customize her, but her eyes are actually really nice and sparkly in real life, and her wig is great quality and so smooth <3 So I'm keeping her as she is and save the customization plans for the next doll, maybe xD I did sell parts of her stock outfit (dress and shirt) so she wouldn't be 100% stock. Need to sew her a new dress, definitely! No worries, I didn't part with her super-adorable bunny cape ;3; It's one of the reasons I bought her.

Now I just want to make her loads of stuff :3