Monday, September 26, 2011

Monsters, monsters, so bizarre

Even though mine are not monsters but sylphs...

Haura, finished

Haura, finished

I finished her outfit today, go me! Everything is sewn by hand. Her corset is fully lined, I totally ruined the first version by using wrong kinds of fabrics which just would not turn without ripping. Oh well, the second try is much better even though it's still bulky, I guess you just won't get anything better in this size. Lagoona's shoes work surprisingly well with her, yes?

And where did I get Lagoona's shoes? Oh well...

A second victim!

"Whoops." She'll get repainted, naturally, and especially since she has a factory flaw in her makeup anyway. I might keep her hair as I like it, I'll just have to come up with a perfect hairdo. She'll become Fishfish, Haura's strange girlfriend who just gushes all the time rather than speaking.