Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Birds and strange things

I'm here, so pay attention now

Big bird


Hmm, all the recent posts have been about my bird-themed dolls. Well, here is one more :D I took a photoshoot with Krähe and Hildegard, my Yrie who loves to boss poor Krähe around. She's a gutsy little thing.



Image © Doll-Chateau
This is Faramita, a new uhm...bjd creature from Doll-Chateau. I have no idea what exactly she is, but I know that she is just adorable <3 Is it bad if I want her? Somehow she just reminds me of surreal children's fairy tales. I could get her painted in shades of mint blue and pink, give her glass beads as eyes and turn her into something very strange but cute!

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