Thursday, September 1, 2011

The beginning of autumn


Oh, it's September. Goodbye, summer, it's time for my favourite season. Loving all the crispy colours and the fresh smells <3

In the dolly front, little revamps here and there. Aegis recieved a new faceup from one of my eternal faves, Jesmo, and is looking almost too cute. He matches very well with his sister now, I should continue their story once my second set of MSD twins arrive. Speaking of them, I should get the first one home soon and just paid the second one. Thank you, Soom, or curse you...

Along with re-vamped Aegis, I got my big man home as well. He has some scarwork done and is looking so fabulous now *3* I should get my hands dirty and him restrung so I could take photos...

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