Thursday, August 18, 2011

L-doll 2011: a sneak preview

New hats

New hats

New hats

I will be participating in this year's Ldoll festival in Lyon, France - well, sort of. Sadly I'm not able to go there myself, but my friends will have a selling booth there where we will be offering nifty handmade BJD clothes and such. I, of course, will send some knitted hats with them. So if you're going there, please stop by our table and have a look :3

The pictures are of hats I've made for the event. New designs, new yarns, cute things and uh...stuff. Sizes range from Realpuki to MSD.

Maybe I'll be able to attend the next year ;3;


Also, I wanted to try out Tumblr. It seems quite trendy, maybe bit too much for me, but you cannot know unless you try it. I admit, I never thought to use it for BJD purposes until I found people posting my photos there :P

Which reminds me that I don't mind my photos being re-posted elsewhere (hey, it's free promotion!) but I'd like to get some credit. A link to this blog is just fine :)

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