Monday, August 8, 2011

Even more magpie boys


Even though he has nothing but his head and wig (Leeke's Roaylkhaki by the way, an awesome colour!), I wanted to take a little snapshot of Krumlen, Krähe's big brother. Yep, he's Dollgru #11, the very head that I've been wailing after a long while - and since this was the last time Kappa sold these heads, I knew I had to act. He's a pretty one and matches excellently with Volks resin, much better than his brother :P But I'm not giving my SD10 to him, the body just doesn't fit with the character I have in mind for Krum...

And a character, you may ask? Why, of course he has one. He's quite the winner, this one, a youngster living with his mother and writing questionable vampire fiction stories at night. He's a magpie as well, of course, and loves all things sparkly very much. It goes in the blood ;3

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