Monday, August 22, 2011

Frills and sins


Lately I've been going crazy in Etsy's supply section and have ordered for example polka-dotted bias tapes, cute stickers and jewelry parts. Let's not talk about how much I've spent...but damn it, Etsy and its dangerous temptations, I tell you >:(

Meital's new underdress is made from some cream-coloured tulle lace I found there amongst the other pretty things. The lace itself is so beautiful that it needed nothing but a waistband. Simple and cute! It goes very well with Meital's creamy "Rumba" skirt. "Rumba" is the name for that frilly fabric which our local biggest fabric store chain sells. It's very popular amongst us Finnish dolly sewers ;3

I have an itch to pamper my princess M some more...

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