Sunday, October 16, 2011

The fawn's new knits

A dreamlike thing Hoof-warmers

I finished some knittings for Idris, a hat with beads, sequins and a filingree butterfly + a set of hoof-warmers. Made with Rose Mohair Lux, Novita's Rose Mohair is my favourite yarn for dolly knits these days. It's reasonably priced, very adequate and the colours are very pretty. You can also spot Idris' new ears which came from Leeke. Don't ask how they come through her hat, it's a very special dream magic. Leeke says they are fox ears but bah, they are so fawn ears it's not even funny!

Speaking of hats, my hats did quite well in this year's Ldoll <3 Thanks to all who bought or at least looked! I have some big plans regarding the next year, but you'll hear more of them later ;3

And finally, since I did make some profit with my sales, there just might be some new resin coming. Not yet, I promised to order together with a friend who needs some time to arrange her things, but this winter anyway. My first anthro doll :D I hope everyone's doing great in the dolly front!

p.s. Blogger's new interfece is bit confusing but quite nice, don't you think?

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