Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The little additions - or should I say addictions...

Merry belated X-mas and happy new year to all my readers! I was supposed to take some cute X-mas-themed photos but then I ran out of time, energy and inspiration. But instead have some repentive photos of Griselda (Didi) and Sauerkraut the bunny:


Gris and Sauer II


Gris and Sauer


Poor Gris had to deal with my Pukifee outfits, she needs some own stuff. I've purchased her a blonde mohair wig but I'm still debating with her style. I know she isn't a pastel girl, so maybe some mori/ethnic influences, earthy hues, natural materials...

Fortunately for Bluefairy,but very unfortunately for my poor bank account, I still think about Pocketfairy May, so Griselda may get a sister one day - especially if they release another white-skinned (PF) May with the sugar body. It's so cute how much Didi looks like miniature version of their bigger May Valentine, by the way! Works for me since May is my favourite Bluefairy sculpt *3*


  1. Griselda is sooo cute! ^^ I love the little hat and her dress even if it's not actually made for her. CUTE!!!

  2. Thank you, Xaya! Gris is a very cute little girl <3